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For those interested in the making Then You Saw Her into an animated entertainment experience.

Voice actor auditions will be done at Possiblydominator's convenience. Everything else should be directed to the project managers:



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So what happened to this project?

Comment posted by 344forever deleted Jan 7th, 2013
Comment posted by 344forever deleted Jan 7th, 2013

Add me on skype.


For voice acting, you need to first tell me which character you want to try out for (List in the Forums) and I will send you a practice script for that pony. When you are ready contact Flaming charge (Here he is called ShadowT), and tell him you are ready to audition.

What do i do to tryout for voice acting?

Ok, then, go to Skype and look up Flaming Charge. He'll be the one to decide if your audition goes to Dom.

I can try to sing like a drunk. XD I have a deep bass singing voice if that's ok.

Here's a question; are you ant good at singing like a drunk? If so, talk to ShadowT. If you want to only do music, give me an example of what you can do, say a victory fanfare or romantic music, and I'll direct you to Dom so he can see if he likes you

I'm a electronic musician and a rapper, taught by iBringDaLULZ himself, and if you need a musician, I'm here.

Skype: music.vinyl.dash (old name, too lazy to change it)


One last time.


If this doesn't work, I'll add you.

Still not showing up.:derpyderp2: Perhaps you could add me.

*facehoof* :facehoof:

I made a typo.


Hey. So I met up with Krebons12 over Skype. He told me to get the character overviews from you to try out for since I haven't read the fic.

Hello. I saw that you all were doing this project and I was hoping that I could lend my voice talent to you. Skype name is danceswithbaglez. I can't wait for this!


Greetings, friends i have just recently learned that you are doing this new project for TYSH. That is great news I hope it goes well for you i am also interested in your character you see I want to be a voice actor someday, so I wanted to leave a comment here on the forums in-case you needed to contact me my Skype name is TFZ. This project going to be a lot of fun! I hope it brings you much success. Giving mine best wishes. ~TFZ

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