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Hi, I am 344forever I am a writer, voice talent and semi-okay artist. I welcome you with open arms and a bunch of Kevlar on.


READ ME IMPORTANT · 5:57pm Apr 17th, 2014

I made this account a long long time ago to make a terrible fanfiction which was done and then I forgot about this for the longest time until I remembered a fanfiction I once followed was about to come back. I came back say... four or five months ago and was reading a bunch of stories and never commenting. I just recently went to a story I read through and re-read it and the comments and found out that I have been commenting on stories while I was gone.... Sorry what? I looked closer at all the

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Hi, 344! Thanks for adding "Happy Hour" to your favorites. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and hopefully you find my other work just as rewarding. :twilightsmile:

1062438 Thanks for the heart ^^ I really like your stories! They are good, keep it up!

thanks for the fav... have a heart:pinkiesad2::pinkiecrazy:

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