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Clayton Carmine

I rather have blood and gore then rainbows and sunshine Apple jack is best pony but Clayton Carmine respects his family more.I LOVE THAT POP (Blows a Haters head off.)

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58202 Clay! He lost both of his brothers. I like Applejack, but she didn't experince the things Clay went through. Sry AJ:ajbemused:

99102>>99102 been playing since 2001:rainbowdetermined2:


58202 Clayton, wheres AppleJacks tatoo?

Saw your comment on that Halo story. I agree. I'm a major fucking Gear head. Been playing since 06' If I was a Gear in that story I would have pumped a shot straight in celestias face

Who do you think loves there family more Clayton Carmine or Applejack

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