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I didn't get a chance to finish your Applejack x Human story and had no idea you were leaving. Is there any way I can still read the story?

I don't subscribe to that idea. Maybe the only absolute rule is that your work must be readable, but that's it. Yes, there are guidelines that a great majority of authors follow, but they are not strict rules. The guidelines are only meant to facilitate the communication of ideas. As long as you can communicate, the rest is up in the air.

And if you're somehow able to prove that being a good writer means following rules, well, then I wouldn't call myself a good writer.

"There are no absolute rules in writing . . ."

Yes, there are. Quite a few of them that you must follow if you wish to be a good writer and be taken seriously.

your followers were a 404 so i fixed it :raritywink:

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