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IMPORTANT: Plans and Future Stories & Semi-sequel! · 5:24am Aug 22nd, 2015

Hey everybody, it's been a long time since I've updated... Well, anything actually! I just wanted to make this post so I can tell you that I'm not dead or on a hiatus or that I've quit writing, cause I haven't. Throughout this summer vacation, I've been planing of other stories that I'm going to write in the future and finishing the outline of my current story that I've been working on...


The semi-sequel to Always There...


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Hello there! :)

Thanks for watching me! :D

you guys should read This Is Bad! by fictional Fanatic, its a good read and I love it.

I'm so sorry, for not reading the story you made, maybe this weekend, well see you tomorrow, and I hope you can come to my barbecue on Saturday. :ajsmug: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh: :raritystarry: :twilightsmile: :trollestia: :yay:

Thank you for the fave on Love is in Bloom. :pinkiehappy:

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