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Creepy but entertaining.

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I actually like the story. It's so bad it's hilarious. :rainbowwild:

On Pegacorns account there is a link to her Twitter.

285917 No I haven't, got a link?


No problem, have you seen Pegacorns Twitter? Currently working on the third Pattycakes, can't wait to see what happens.

285911 Thanks :twilightsmile:

Just wish they had a feature that said ':insertauthorhere: comment in your group', make things easier for me

Just updated the folders.

284621 Sounds good, thanks ^^ :twilightsmile::heart:

By the way, do you think you are able to add in some folders and information to clean up the group a little bit? I could help add some information and add some nice clean folders to make it look better.

- Pattycakes (For the official stories.)
- Remakes/Parodies
- Unofficial

Thanks for adding my story to the group. (The Remake)

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