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Just a Brit who likes writing fics about ponies (with a very high percentage chance of Trixie turning up).



Rock's as solid a unicorn can be without being an earth pony. Then most of a life time growing up in a mine is going to leave a whole bunch of rough edges. Still Rock's always figured that it was pretty good preparation for when the sun went down for the last time ever over a year ago.

Now though she's stuck in a whole other Equestria and there's another unicorn that looks just like her that also lives in Ponyville. Just she's still calling herself Rarity and is far too prissy for her own good.

Soon she's going to meet other ponies in the same predicament, linked in ways they don't yet understand and try to find a way home to the Equestria that they know.

Course first off she's going to have to work out how to get along with herself...


Courtesy of an awesome brony Random Elements now has a tropes page : http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/StrykesRandomElements.

This fic was completed in the week between One Bad Apple and Magic Duel, so consider anything before that as having happened for purposes of this fic and everything after as not happening yet, or at all.

Original chapter publish dates:
Chapter 1 - 24th July
Chapter 2 - 29th July
Chapter 3 - 2nd August
Chapter 4 - 8th August
Chapter 5 - 12th August
Chapter 6 - 30th August
Chapter 7 - 1st September
Chapter 8 - 5th September
Chapter 9 - 9th October
Chapter 10 - 5th November
Chapter 11 - 28th November
Epilogue - 28th November

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Ooooo this defiantly has a ton of potential.

Interesting beginning. I will re-read later and critique properly.


oh god yes.


I'm tentatively interested. I'm curious to see where this is going.

You may keep on going. This is getting interesting.

Everypony seems to be taking this rather well... I guess the evil twins want to go back to evil world and the good twins want them gone, so their interests align. :trixieshiftright:

tracking. Yet to see how it ends. Far too early to say.

Welcome to posting. :yay: A very interesting beginning. I love Rock, and I can smell what she's cooking. :rainbowlaugh: And Trixie and alt-Dash... interesting. Can't wait for more!

This should be interesting. I like the diverences, but I seriously have no idea how Fluttershy could have ended up like that. I also see that we're in agreement on her last name which is nice.

Thanks for the all the likes and favourites everyone, given this is my first fanfic it's really quite awesome to see people are getting some enjoyment out of this and I'm currently working on chapter 2.


Wouldn't surprise me given that was where I got the idea from :yay: There will be explanations for how all the ponies got to where they currently are in their lives including Fluttershy. Hopefully they'll make more sense then.


Not a reference to the wrestler but the anime Black Lagoon. Made the joke in my Intro remix PMV Black Forest and it amused me so much this fic is basically an excuse to make it again :raritywink:

982676 Ah, so you have read my work. I was unsure.

982676 Ah, okay. Never seen Black Lagoon.


Of course, weird I did thumb up An Earth Pony's Guide to Magic but the fave isn't there still fixed that now.

Please let me know if Inky's dream at the beginning is too out there and over the top and if so I'll remove it, my only excuse is it amused the hell out of me :derpytongue2:

993939 It wasn't too out there, but you did get the feel of the beginning of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, if that's what you're going for.

Amusing, yes. A smidgen over the top, but to be fair that's what dreams usually are. :raritywink:

And alt-Dash fell in with Trixie. Yeah, I can see it. As for alt-Fluttershy, can I punch this one? Please... ?:scootangel:

993939 That was a dream sequence in the beginning? I couldn't tell. :trixieshiftright:

994054 As much as I would like to say, "Yeah punch that bucking witch!," I personally think that it's still Fluttershy and therefor you should back off.
To the Author: Honestly, I'm trying to see if the Elements of Harmony are actually going to work this time. I mean their really going to have a fight on their hooves if this doesn't work.

Thanks, that was exactly what I was going for with the beginning of the chapter.
Added a fair few references in this chapter, mainly for my own entertainment along with that with nods to Project Horizons, the Ask Velvet Tumblr and my favourite Rogue-like. Hopefully they didn't stand out to much.

993939 Wow, Inky! You have some issues! But it was still fine. It's a dream after all.

Totally caught the Hitchhiker's Guide ref.

Loved how Pinkamena's taking this. Seems that she's more industrious with her powers than Pinkie is and has deveopped them a bit more.

And Rainbow Dash ending up with Trixie makes some sense.

Great chapter.

I think i like the Alternate Pinkie. :rainbowlaugh:

The repetition jumps at you a little in the end. Change it to the ground zooming or speeding or maybe "two smudges of pink racing?"

Pretty OK update otherwise. Well, maybe everypony is accepting the dimension travelling thing too readily and not reacting enough to the sun shining, but that's a problem with the whole fic.

So very definitely going on my faves list. I'm really liking Rock vs Rarity. Now to find out how Applejack reacts to herself... that should be fun. :applejackunsure:

Thanks for the spot on the double blur on the last line, hopefully the changed line works better.

Not too sure what I can do with your other comment though, Rock spent most of chapter 1 half confused and the other half pissed off, Fluttershy's all pissed off, Pinkamena has checked everything out to her satisfaction that things will be resolved to her liking and until then she's just going to get on with things, Sparks has still not yet managed to leave the tree house and Rainbow Dash is well... Rainbow Dash :rainbowderp:

An internet cookie for the first commentator to work out who Trixie's uncle is based on.

Sweet Celestia, the Fourth Wall will be rubble by the time this fic is done.

I have to disagree with Pinkie. Pinkamena is HILARIOUS. Totally loving what you're doing here.

Loved alt-Dash and Trixie, there. I... look forward to her return to Ponyville. :trixieshiftright: And for the two Dash's to meet, too. As for Pinkie and Pinkamina... da-yum!

My god.....we need to double NO TRIPPLE the 4t wall now

So lets see if I got their doubles right...

Twilight lacks her self-confidence...
Rarity ended up working with dirt over fashion...
Fluttershy has gone bad...
Pinkie Pie is now twisty business executive...
Rainbowdash... I just dont know. Now truly a show off now paired with Trixie? And on top on that sleeps around?
And Applejack's double has yet to be found...

I love it! So far...

So if Pinkie used her power to the fullest she could be the ryler of all of Equestria?:applejackunsure: Seems legit.:ajsmug:


Thanks man :twilightblush:


Pinkie couldn't, Pinkamena with her significantly increased ability (due to reason coming up later in the fic) and unhindered by not needing to obey the rule of funny... probably still couldn't but she certainly hasn't done to badly at all out of it.

Edit: Writing the next chapter and there's no way I can still justify an everyone rating so bumping it up to teen, heh probably should have done that after the Inky dream.

I love Dash being Gilda's influence and not the other way around. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowhuh: Also, Flutterbtich is just... that's actually kinda sad, that she feel in with Nightmare Moon like that. :flutterrage:

Awesome story!!!:pinkiehappy: Also FIRST!!!!!

So, here we have the alternate elements of harmony:

Spaghetti Sparkle
Rainbow Trixie
Apple Martini
Rock (is that really it? It'd be nice to have a regular name like Rocky Road or something.)
and Pinkamena Diane Pie.

Also, Pinkamena needs to wear a fez. With that kinda cutie mark, she has to.
And fezzes are cool.

I'm waiting for FLutterbitch to piss Twilight off just enough that Twilight choke slams her against the wall without even moving a muscle, or sign of strain. just to show how powerful she is. just a flash then *BAM*


Pinkamena being able to control her power i guess that has responsibility but for pinkie pie its with great power comes great partybility.

Wanderer D

Heh, I'm finding this very amusing :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for creditting me.:pinkiehappy: Also, I agree that Fluttershy's story is kind of sad.:fluttercry: Some really interesting divergences and RD being the bad influence on Gilda was an interesting decision that I think works well for this story.


I second this emotion!

I hate reading funny things on here when no one else is awake, I have to hold in my laughter at shit like Rhulain's comment, and it physically hurts.


She's still really called Rarity (which is why she was surprised by Pinkie calling her that in ch1) but she's been going by the nickname that she came up with as a filly so long she's pretty much stuck with it now.


:pinkiegasp: Wanderer D!

Wow, The Empty Room is one of my favourite fics ever so seriously thanks man :yay:


Cheers always nice to know you've hit the correct mood you were aiming for.

The Cakes reaction to Pinkamena: "Dear Celestia there's TWO of them!" (Double fainting)

I find Pinkamena's relationship with her powers hilarious!:rainbowlaugh: Actually, this whole chapter was filled with little things that are hilarious!

“You know you’ve got a pegasus on your ceiling, right?” I imagine this said in a voice similar to how you'd tell someone there is a tarantula on their arm

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