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Interesting :trixieshiftleft: looking forward to seeing the next chapter:yay:

Wow, wonderful execution of the MC stuff!

Looks like you have forgotten to add the anthro tag. Good start so far otherwise.

At least she puts effort to it.

Oh yea, this has potential.
Can't wait to see more of this!

I'm loving this. Can't wait to see what else she does. Maybe Twilight could be brought into the fun. :trixieshiftright:

You see this shit right here? This is my cup of tea.


Noooooooo!!! Not tea!!! Anything but that!

sounds good but why can't Luna be the sub? I would love to see a luna sub version or sequel

Oh, god damnit! I've read four clopfics in the last two days that hit all my major kinks, Dom-Sub, Mind Breaking, Hypno and another that no one needs to know...

I enjoy the way clopfics are going

Do you have a link/reference for the cover image?

Wow, that's a lot of notifications. Hello, front page!

9680054 I can't link it because nsfw, but it's by dimwitdog and also here's a completely random set of numbers that have absolutely nothing to do with Derpibooru: 1778865.

9680031 Do share :trollestia:

9680030 I've been on a bit of a Celestia kick lately. I may or may not have something in my to-write pile involving Luna and her sister's changeling dick, though. Maybe someday.

9679604 :trixieshiftleft:

9679427 I'm pretty sure it's been there since before I published it? It's there now, anyway, and I haven't edited it.

Contains, or will contain: posthypnotic suggestion, sadism, induced masochism, corruption of morals, (pr)incest, femdom/sub, rape, memory manipulation, bondage, repeated mind-breaking, and lots and lots of tea.

I think that last one makes it just a bit too hardcore...

The fourth kink I've read recently is futadom, not a new for me... but one of the first clopfics I've cought with futadom in it, there was the other "Sun Drenched" I believe with Futaxmale, which is also good

I predict a few art pieces by the artist kuroran of Luna dominating Celestia might be referred to during the course of the story. Look them up on derpibooru if desired.

This was a fun read :) I hope you keep going with it.

Sauce of image: derpibooru and search for ID:1892841

3 great stories in 2 weeks, you're a damn machine!

ah ok well thanks for the reply and I'm a Celestia fan and its just sucks to see she doesn't get the amount of love in the fandom as luna

Great story!

Love this slow, wicked approach to mind control. I like this pace and Luna's technique.

The wishlist warning list promises lots of good stuff in the next chapters. I'm hooked, can't wait for more

Okay, so, I'ma read this and if there isn't a line that is "Good girls/ pets get rewarded" I'm going to be sad

Contains, or will contain: posthypnotic suggestion, sadism, induced masochism, corruption of morals, (pr)incest, femdom/sub, rape, memory manipulation, bondage, repeated mind-breaking, and lots and lots of tea.

That last one seems like a bit much, you know? All of the other stuff I get, but are you TRYING to get your story taken down?

Next chapter!! I love this!

who's the artist of the pic?

I'll be honest, the only thing I can think of (besides "wow this is hot") is that it'll be revealed that Tia A) has a thing for Luna and would have been all for this if asked, B) really is overstressed and will lunge at the chance to give up control, C) still feels guilty for banishing her when purifying her was apparently just as easy and would do this to make it up to Luna anyways, or D) some mixture of the above. Preferably D since it offers so many options, although all would remove even the slightest twinge of guilt and let Luna go all out.

Let luna dominate some guards

And let her overthrow celestia and be queen😁

And immense herself with paperwork? Nah, it is far better to let someone else do the job for you.

Good shit but the orgasm came too soon. Celestia can handle more than 12 hours, just give her some rest and a cold bath before sending her away.

Hawt. Most, please.

Although, little too rapey for me, and could've gone for some futa, but ya can't get everything.

Seems like she's doing something interesting with Twilight too. Didn't expect her to reveal herself to the conscious Celestia so soon, but I guess you just have to get that gloating in when you can.

Hope Luna can't break Tia to the point she's always acting like her whorse.

That was a great new chapter. I was pleasantly surprised when Luna revealed herself to the conscious Celestia.

Can't wait to see what's next! Chapter 2 was a real treat.

Oh I'm going to enjoy this.

Beware, for Nightmare Poon is taking over!

Let the lewd be doubled!

... Also I really do wonder what she did in Twilight's dream. I'd love to just have a while segment on her fiddling with dreams.

wonder what's up between Twilight and Luna. while I could see Luna having a grudge against Twilight, I'm hoping she actually likes her instead. I can't imagine all the games Luna could play if Twilight happenes to be head over hooves for her enough that she'd agree to help her break Celestia, but I'm sure it they would be fun to read. however it develops, I'm having a lot of fun reading and I can't wait for the next chapter.


If the first chapter was promising, this one knocked it out of the park and then some. So fucking hot. Can’t wait for more.


Gotta say, I'm mostly looking forward to the exhibitionist tag. With a plot like this, there is no limit to the subtle shenanigans that could occur. Just the slightest bit of showing off at Luna's whim, Celestia embarrassed but unable to do anything about it.

this has lost it's enjoyment for me, I wish the Elements would banish her to the moon permanently

I think I know something that could pick it up a little bit at the end. Celestia, however broken she is, says something like

"I wish you had done thousand years ago sister, then I would have never had to banish you to the moon and rule alone with that guilt for all that time."

God I love this so much <3

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