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Dethrone the dictaphone, hit it in its funny bone, that's where they expect it least.

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I’m sorry for ember and thorax

J-90 #2 · Jun 3rd, 2019 · · 11 ·

Eh. Would say, another boring-Tyranlestia, but this dipped on the boring-Sicklestia side just a little bit. And another plan that would just collapse on itself, but porn-logic I guess.

Er, this was actually pretty good, gets my approval. also I think something(sunset) Broke Celestia, just before Luna's return.

Not totally my thing, but I did enjoy some of seeing the control play out. Upvoted.

gapaot #5 · Jun 3rd, 2019 · · 1 ·

Huh. Daybreaker sure is so underutilized in fics

I'm not that much of a fan, if only because of the bad ending.

I don't really see what's so silly about the plan? On top of the fact that the actual plan is never discussed in the fic, I can't think of any scenario where controlling the heads of multiple foreign nations isn't a good thing, especially when one of them can literally force her subjects to do whatever she wants.
Also, of course it's Tyrantlestia, it's Daybreaker.

J-90 #8 · Jun 4th, 2019 · · 5 ·

Just saying, that kind of "ruler-ship" is pretty much putting up a huge sign on ones back, saying "Stab me here", no matter how well the tracks are covered. Alongside plenty of other problems that come with only ONE ruler making all the decisions; basically a recipe for a disaster in the long run.
But hey, your story within a certain part of "fetish-verse's" and all that. Writing was good, despite the story being for the certain niche.

Story was great!

Not *quite* as enjoyable (personally) as your previous 2 stories, but still very good!

Overall a decent story with a decent cloth but the ending was a bit lagged. Could be better but I'll follow for now

Moar plzzz

Personally, I think I would like a sequel to this fix NGL

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