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I love making fun, lewd stories! I hope you enjoy my work!

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Thank you. This is the second thing I wrote today. Wanted to shoot for three, but might pass out for a while.

Where did you find the image that inspired you?

What will happen to equestria when fun slut be unleashed?

I'm sure this will be perfectly harmless fun and won't lead to world-shaking madness of any description.

Seconding the source request and looking forward for more!

In response to the pic requests, it is not posted anywhere and I do not know the stipulations for posting direct links to Discord. On top of this, Dr. Pants has not posted it on anything and I do not know if they want me to post the whole thing. It's a bit of a mess, but will find a way to do so!

when the next chapter be out?

I have one other idea in this setting, but unsure if I want to have it be an entirely new story or a second chapter.


It's a surprise! Please be patient.

How'd I miss this one? I didn't see it in the new stories tab.

When the next chapter be out?

Going through a lot of stuff rn, and focusing on the second chapter has been a bit of a toll. I'm currently just writing what makes me happy to deal with the stress and depression. I promise I'll get back to it!

Now I wanting to see how twilight and cadence turn into the dumb butt and love cunt in the first place long with rest characters?

Sorry! I wrote these based on a friend's pics, and because they never made those, I'm not really inspired to make those. Unless someone pays me, this will be it!

Can you make a sequel on what happens between the two chapters?


As previously stated, I wrote these based on a friend's pics, and because they never made those, I'm not really inspired to make those. On top of being backed up at the moment with comms and stories, I'm not really interested, no. I would also appreciate it if you stopped asking at this point because it is getting a tad bothersome.

Comment posted by postonel deleted June 16th

Good stuff! Was the ass clapping stealth section a reference to that one dummy thick metal gear solid meme?


Yup! There's a couple of dumb references in there. I just wrote what was fun.

One of the best clopfics I've ever read! Who knew Chaos could be so sexy?! Stuff with Discord/Eris just has so many possibilities!

Thank you! It took me a while for me to finish this, but I'm happy with what I made!

I’d love to see the artworks that inspired this story, but I can’t seem to find them

Sadly, I don't think I'm allowed to post NSFW links as stated in the rules, and until the artist posts them, I cannot find an easy way to do it.

Well who is the artist then? I can look them up on my own time.

This Dr. Pants seems not to exist near as I can tell.

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