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I love making fun, lewd stories! I hope you enjoy my work!

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perfect. wow. yes. I'm in absolute awe of how you can write pure fun chaos like this, keeping things extremely playful and lighthearted even as humiliating, mindbreaking things happen. Each next motion feels like a delicious suprise, while still not actually being disjointed or clashing. It's all smooth and hot and creamy and sloshing — wait, might be getting mixed up with Celly's cum, there~

Thank you for writing.

so who’s is next in the next chapter?

I’ll give you a hint
Her name is in the tags.

Spoilers/still trying to come up with ideas

I love the fast paced comedy here, the slapstick and the way you throw out so many random fetishes, one after another. Chaos was never so fun! :trollestia:

Really enjoying this silly kinky stuff

Nice way to spice things up with Luna getting involved.

Celestia at one point wonders where the spunk is going now that her curves aren’t blowing up even more - do you have fun plans for that in the next chapter?

Dis guy really snuck a Zelda CDi joke into a porn fic lmfao, madlad

This story makes me really really happy in uniquely satisfying ways. Thank you for writing, and to stump for commissioning it. Nearly every detail and development is a fun, exciting pacing twist and hot idea; I love the variety. Bad actor Celly was cute as heck, and getting casually overwritten with such a silly method is just delicious.

I’m glad you liked it so much. This was something I wanted to see and read for years on end and luckylooper helped make that a reality.

Great stuff. Chaotic, silly, kinky and horny all the way to the end. :trollestia:

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