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Some Leech

I...I am a monument to all your sins...

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Another new Leech story, another notch on my ‘Read It Later’ list. Man I’m so backlogged.

Dan #2 · Jul 15th, 2020 · · 89 ·

Ew, anthro tag.

uh... er... Ew... um... human dan. yus, nailed it

Love it, love it, love it. I love you Leech. Momlestia is my addiction. Keep up the amazing work dude!

YOU! Yes you, the one reading this comment. Have a nice day, OK? This year's been a mess and I think you could use a day where at least on a personal level, things just go right.

Is it just me or does the image he refered to showing fluttershy with a birthday hat?

Wondrous story. It actually showed a level of cute intimacy I hadn't seen before.

I tip my hat to you again, Leech. See you on the sinbox by Friday.

Really dude? Piss off

Oh man, this was hot! Love seeing Celestia fuck the guards and this was REALLY sexy.

I mean to be fair ruling a nation must be tiresome, especally when you have to deal with nobles like blueblood
I could never be a ruler

At first, I thought the image number was for Derpibooru instead of E621. So I got this instead of porn.

That's what it will show on derpibooru. That image has using is on the site e621.

>tasty title
>clearly porn
>size fetish
this has leech written all over it
Definitely. leech
>by Some Leech
Goddammit Leech!

I'm honestly shocked it's not futa


I'm honestly shocked it's not futa

Your words cut me to the quick! I do write non-futa, from time to time. :fluttershbad:

well its good to mix up your writing otherwise it may get stale

Ew, not checking tags before reading the story

That cover image sure is effective.

you had me at scads of ara ara

just because of this ((Scads of Ara Ara)) im reading it cause this i laugh at so much

I'd downvote you but there are 69 downvotes on your comment - and who am I to ruin that?

I ruined it for you. Now you're free to downvote him. You're welcome.


You want to fuck regular ponies? You disgusting piece of crap.

Agreed, and judging by his profile picture, you can tell he’s probably into fucking regular ponies.

Well there are exceptions to it, but I like anthros a little more than the other. This guy however is just a hack.

I live to serve in these moments, since I don't care much about 69. I'll see it once have a silent giggle and then move on.

Her touch caused the him to gaze up at her.

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