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I love making fun, lewd stories! I hope you enjoy my work!

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Well, this won't end well. Let's see just how bad it gets. Or good, depending on your outlook...

You can put in a full male to female tgtf in this story too, or should I say male to futa.

Please don't have spike turn into a bimbo

God yes, Never seen a barb bimbo before and genderswap is hot asf.

Hopefully more chapters have been commissioned

they have been~,they are working on the flutter chapter now~

hes going to be a maximum femboi with big dick,dumb as all the rest at the end as well~

Yesssss was kinda hoping for him to get big tiddy but that works too I guess, atleast he'll get a dummy thicc ass. Was really hoping for bimbo barb though.

update on that,another pony is up next,and its more personal chapters from here,spikes showing up though at times

cool casn't wait for spike to become TG'ed

When the next chapter of this story be out?

I think futa with empowered big dick might be a better choice. Otherwise, who else is going to feed these new bimbos?

Would be interesting if Rarity's chapter involved kinda the opposite: Getting turned into a dirty horny tomboy.

I hope it's not the last of Dolly :(

Sorry, just a lot goes into making these things, plus with some stuff happening irl, it makes writing smut lower on the priority list. But I need money, so I keep writing.

You know... I'll talk with the commissioner about it.

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I can imagine her being a submissive BDSM fetish, but a tomboy Rarity doesn't sound that sexy at all.
And I think a goth prostitute Celestia would match perfectly for this story. Too bad I don't think I can attach the picture here.

If anything, I'll write something like that as a one-off somewhere for people who want that. I'll write almost anything for a little scratch.

No worries I understand. I was just happy you came back

Things keep escalating. Wonder what's next? Granny regain her youth and become Mac's wife? Spoiled Rich become an obedient little maid who need to service anyone? So much possibilities here.

Thanks. Apologies for always taking so long. I'm at least going to attempt to complete the next chapter sooner.

I can see flutter shy winning the bimbo beauty pageant

Sorry for not responding. Believe me, I want to do more, but I also don't want to drain the commissioner dry. We're almost halfway there.

I thought more male guards would become milk cows. Guess the magic couldn't work that fast.


Considered it, but I didn't have enough time. Good news is that if any of those weak femboy guards can escape, they can get some milk to get buff.

Ah, the duality of the sisters... though someone's going to need to operate the sun and moon.

Does anyone know more stories of femboy stallions on amazon mares ?

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