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I love making fun, lewd stories! I hope you enjoy my work!

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and then celestia shoots her, the end

Shoots her with cum from her dick maybe~

Do you got more stories liked this? If so please make more liked this!


I do have a few ideas brewing, indeed! In fact, I had an epilogue for this one if you guys wanted to guys wanted it.

What the epilogue about?

O M G I like totes love this!

Personally, I think it would've done better with just the first part alone. The second part felt too ridiculous, and the third part was where it really started feeling like it overstayed it's welcome.

That's a fair assessment. I felt that if I made it just that bit, it would've been too short, and I was really in a mood. While I don't agree, I can see where you're coming from. Thanks for the criticism, much appreciated!

Well, if I write it, you'll see!

This is very silly and fun and I really liked it! I definitely liked seeing things go completely over the top, porn that doesn't take itself seriously is lovely~~

Nice story; I always loved brain drain, so thanks for writing this! I hope you do more of that concept; it's rather rare here, with only 7 instances of such in the bimbofication group.

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