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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.

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Sure, I got interested in this buuuuut... Killestia sounds like a good creepypasta to me

Awww I normally don't read these but I found this cute and I loved it Xeno very nice.

I have one question,
Did Thorax fertilize both His and Embers eggs?

I wonder if Spike and Smolder have that kind of chemistry.

So... just throwing it out there but WHY THE F:yay:CK DO WE NOT HAVE MORE OF THESE?!?!?
i'm not just talking Thorax and Ember but more cross species?
Again, not pony and changeling or gryphon and hypogriff, but dragon and gryphon, yak and changeling and so on? I'll pay for more!
Also SH:twilightoops:T!!! That was the best cross species to date that WAS NOT ANTHRO!!!!!

This was an extremely cute Embrax fic. 10/10

Read the ending paragraphs again. Carefully this time.

Great work there not many ember and thorax ship

You. En. Eff. Well done :raritywink:

It’s all fun and games until the Chestburster comes out.

9263705 Or until it merges your body into itself in some remote lab in the Arctic.

That’s a good one

It was kind of sexy. Not really my thing, but I do love the ship all the same.

Meh, I still feel like Ember and Spike would go together, but I'm not gonna bash on good porn.

EMBER!!! She is my absolute favorite character in a clopfic setting. It may have something to do with my love for dragon smut.

More Ember period.

Lol I didnt realize Xeno made this. That would explain why this is so good. It's nice to see him back into the fold.

Comment posted by Fracturedheart deleted Nov 2nd, 2018

9261900 Yeah, seems like one of those cheesy B-rated horror movies in fic form. :P












Glad you all like what Xeno and I have made. A lot of work was put into it, I promise. Your guys' support is what makes us want to continue writing these. :pinkiehappy:




I get the references, and I know it's a joke, but it's not relevant here. The nymphs come out the same way the eggs went in, as was written in the story.


Well, sorry it wasn't your fetish. Question is: if you didn't like the premise, why'd you read and/or comment on it?

Isn't doing multiple votes via aliases against the TOS...?

Nice read interesting shipping on this one, keep it up.

Oh I did not read it. just down voted it.

9267683 I have no clue but if you have more than one account I am sure it might be.

Much to her surprise, Thorax burst out laughing. She was caught between the urge to jump back in embarrassment or slap him. Seriously, he thinks this is funny? What kind of messed-up culture do they have?

Yeah I would do that too.

This was cute and very different from what I would expect from an EmberxThorax clopfic.
Great work.

I was kinda expecting Ember to knock him upside the head at least a few times as he is so clueless and slow. Your story is already very lighthearted and I think a little slapstick would help.

I do really like the contrast between the calm and thinking Thorax and the riled up and intuitive Ember.

"Yeah, but I'm only lusting after a dragon, it's the same every year. But you...I can't believe I'm saying this but you’re sexier than even the biggest, strongest drake, you sweet dork, because you actually care about me instead of yourself." she admitted, blushing hard.

I don't like her more or less lying to Thorax.

Also they didn't really fuck. It seemed that Thorax started lying as soon as he entered. Also those official terms and exposition while fucking was kind of awkward.

Ember can be ship with any other character on the show, it don't have be with Spike all the damn time :ajbemused:

Hey xeno, when thorax morphed into a Drake there is a typo "cockl" least I think it's a typo

Spike isn’t even 16 yet Even by the end of the show

Sure he is. The finale takes place 26 years into the future.

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