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Pharynx is a total dick but he's gonna get what's coming to him soon.

Harem Ending✅
10/10 Would Clop!

Incest. Maledom. Transformation into a female. Hot, hard and messy sex. Everything I like in those stories. 5/5 will read again

Damn, this was a hot read. I especially loved Pharynx's dominance in this as well.


I can help you to find this image! :pinkiesmile:

derpibooru.org/ 1558527

Spaces in this one are because seemingly this is a way to write about an NSFW URL without it getting deleted. Just delete the spaces from this and enjoy! :yay:


Thank you! :rainbowkiss: I am glad to hear it. I was a bit more apprehensive while posting this story, seeing as it seemed to be more of a niche story in a way. I hope you will all enjoy my future stories as well!

Next up I am trying to finish up Dragon Concubine, the Dragon Cumdumpsters sequel aside from the Commissions I'm working on. I just finished chapter 2 and am already in the middle of chapter 3. Once that and 4 are done I will have some nice Spike Dragon Lord smut to offer! :yay:


There really was no need to suck any dicks seeing as the mods I think don't have any influence over which story is featured and which is not. And pictures are used by everyone in the Featured Box. Even you yourself are using those on some of your stories. And while pictures may help in getting a story featured, much more relies on the story and the used characters itself I believe. For one I'm always trying my best to write an enjoyable experience for my readers and I hope you are enjoying this story too. :twilightsmile:

This was a fun reed, keep it up.

I always do!
I am glad that Dragon Cumpdumpsters is getting a sequel and I am crossing my claws that it contains Breeding and Impregnation! since it would be bound to happen.
I would like to ask if it is not a problem, are you still working on the next chapter of Timberwolf Puppy Love?


I decided regarding Timberwolf Puppy Love to first finish up Dragon Concubines, but after that spending more time on it. So, I wrap that one up first before concentrating on it. :pinkiesmile:

Also in case you want an answer about your expectations if it contains impregnation. It is a topic I love, but in this instance the focus is actually on the courting aspect. He hardly can knock them up until he accepted an official mate. So, all three try to woo him and Spike will make a decision in the end.

Don’t care for the over-present aggression, but it was an interesting set-up

"Consensual Rape"
I don't think you know what either one of those words mean. If one does not consent or revokes their consent, then the sex turns to rape. If one becomes receptive to sex or otherwise consents, then the sex is sex. You literally cannot have consensual rape. It's an oxymoron. Either you consent, or you do not. Are you looking for reluctance and dubious consent? Because otherwise, you may as well have a trigger warning for "hot ice" or "adult child". Watch out, readers, you're about to see some tall midgets! And there's a splash of violent pacifism over in the corner. And if you're not careful, you might even find some sex that does not involve anything that could remotely be sexual in nature and does not include characters that are aroused or reach climax, or are in anyway even aware something allegedly sexual in nature has occurred.

someone needs to pull the stick out of their ass.

I kind of agree with him, but only because I'm a grammar nazi, not because of the particular words themselves.


Someone needs to not use Pony Creator unironically.

this is a great story i hope for a sequel

Or maybe some people consent to "being raped" because it gets them off?

Regarding the "eventual consent rape" thing, why not use the term Mindbreak for it instead? Could avoid (the expected, it seems) discussion over it.

This was her duty. To her King, Husband, and Brother.

This is a fantastic chapter, but since I'm not really interested in genderbending/trans whatsoever, I think I'll just skip the second part and view this as an awesome oneshot.
My favourite sexual...topic? Can't think of a proper word now, it's so late at night...is definitely maledom/femsub, with the girl in question being forced into a long-standing submissive position. Another favourite is when two female relatives (mother/daughter or sister/sister) get fucked next to each other. So this outstanding oneshot ticks all of my boxes.

Well written, and well done!

Nice job on the ban. Is it because no one understands your “humor” or is it because you act like an unlikeable cunt to hide your own insecurities?

i'm disappointed thorax went aggressive dom, not what the cover art was suggesting

The thing is, I could post a story at anytime. You, however, will always be an unlikeable twat.

"Consensual Rape" isn't... that's literally not possible. There's ravishing or like hard domination, and there's mind control, both of which can have victims who enjoy or come to want a rough or "ambiguous" sexual situation, but rape is literally defined by lack of consent.

Also, as a side note: there are ways to write a character as "dominant" that goes further than "they call everyone they talk to a bitch all the time and have no impulse control." I don't care how many lust pheromones Phalanyx is pumping out, the guy couldn't pull off entering a supposedly diplomatic situation from the weak side of the table with that attitude.

...I did like the BJ writing and some of the conclusion stuff. It's fine sex, but the social set up is weak as hell and the pheromone idea that's used to justify these socially inept jackass changelings getting away with stuff is just casually introduced at the end with no clear tells of its presence beforehand.

Technically, yes, you and Krimble are right that it isn't rape as long as proper consent is given and received by both parties, thus making 'Consensual Rape' a strange statement; but, admittingly, I think it might actually be a thing. Granted, the form I'm familiar with isn't what's used in the story, but having strange friends and having access to the internet for more than several years now, I've heard some strange stuff, one is something I guess could be considered consensual rape.

The form I'm familiar with is a mix of Sub/Dom play and roleplaying where one partner would sneak up on the other when said partner is suppose to be 'absent' from the house, and obviously more geared towards those that have a thing for this...category of sub/dom play. It's "rape" under the assumption that one partner is 'assaulted' by the other, but isn't in the sense that every single move is typically planned out before hand by both parties in great detail including the reason why one partner is 'leaving' briefly, and what they would be wearing.

That said, interesting read, a little disappointing that Thorax became that aggressive in the end, but hey....details. Otherwise, a fun read for sure.

In roleplay, that works.
If not in roleplay, it remains a contradiction in terms that invalidates itself.

The words are mutually exclusive in meaning and intent.

Thus, if it is rape roleplay, it should be called such. If it is reluctant and/or dubious consent, it should be called such.

The annoyance is the improper use of conceptual terminology. It is doubly annoying because 'dubious consent' is actually used earlier in the kink notes.

So you're getting upset at something you claim is a contradiction... on a site where the entire point of writing about these fictional characters is essentially roleplaying through words. I kind of get where you're coming from, but if you're not the target audience, then all you really need to do is either:

1) Read it and move on
2) Not read it
3) Read it and comment how it wasn't to your preferences, then move on.


You are wrong in my opinion about a few things. For one, the word bitch actually was only used two times in the first chapter. I just checked it myself. So, I didn't use it to write Pharynx dominant. Especially since Thorax actually used that word, not Pharynx. I did my best to write him as a dominant without making him insult anyone directly like that, instead opting to use a more jerkish nature for him. And Pharynx is a bit of a jerk, so I think it was a fitting move to make. Celestia has an unruly sister that wasn't as cooperative too at first, so she could relate. And Pharynx being a dick is actually something important to use seeing as he would get comeuppance. And comeuppance only would make sense if he behaved in a way that he would deserve it.

I also did my best to hint at the pheromones. The heat that slowly was getting stronger in Celestia is one example. Another is her musing about how unusual it was that her heat suddenly started without any warning before the meeting. And then she also mentioned repeatedly an attraction towards Thorax that even she was surprised about these wilde thoughts. So, there were hints dropped that something strange was going on.

Of course you might view these points still differently, and that is totally okay. I'm just trying to explain what I was trying to do and how I build the story up.


Anyway, now to get to the elephant in the room. Eventual Consensual Rape. This discussion isn't new. Honestly, I had it on the past few stories. And it seems to get more and more out-of-control in the sense that the comment section gets more and more flooded with this discussion. A year ago there were comments about this too, albeit were they few and in between. I think it sadly deflects from the story itself which I'd rather discuss than this term, but seeing how things are going it seems to be necessary to explain myself and why I used this term.

Eventual Consensual Rape is a term I found in the Rape Group and which I used since I believe my first Non-Con story. It isn't a term about rape roleplay, and it isn't a term about dubious consent. It means that it starts off with rape, but the other party at the end of it is enjoying themselves. At least that is what I always saw in this term. Now, one can say that this is unrealistic. But pheromones that drive one into heat are just as unrealistic, not to mention alicorns that control the sun and moon, so let's slide that aside.

The term in any case is what I use because there is no other term this fitting for my stories. Dubious Consent doesn't work for it since there clearly was no consent at the start. Just plain out Rape is too broad for the kind of Rape I use in my stories. So with that I use this term.

Though if any of you can offer a term that actually fits better, I'm all ears. If push comes to shove I will just write Towan Rape or Rape (Towan Style) in the fetish list from now on just so to avoid this controversy by implying it is a specific way I write it.

Well, I have nothing more to say really to this topic at this point. You are welcome to give me your suggestions about it. Like I said, I wouldn't mind putting this debate to a rest since it is distracting from commenting about the story.

Maybe "rape turned consensual" or "rape turned consensual sex"?
That at least doesnt end up calleing the rape part consensual which seems to be the part that annoys the most people.

Goodness, finaly a story with some maledom.
Liiiitle lacking in details of the encounters, but overall veery fappable

To Thorax. As the saying goes : Demons run when good man go to war
So i like this turn of events ,even though Pharynx is ... kinda still my favorite
Going to read the second chapter later
Good work, have my like and fav

Ah, I see. That is definitely different from what I had described.

Honestly, now that you've explained why you use that phrase in the trigger area, it gives a point of reference of what you mean and what angle you are approaching the subject. If you want, you could just use "Eventual Consensual Rape" instead, but that might require you to put "Rape" alone as a trigger as I've seen on some other stories in the past. Another one would probably to write a journal/blog entry on the matter, that way you could just bounce folks who ask to it. In the end though, the story is still yours in my opinion and those details are completely to your own discretion, so I'll default to whichever you feel would be the easier route for you, whether it be re-wording it or just sticking with "Consensual Rape".


That wouldn't work I believe. Simply turning words around would still have people saying that Consensual and Rape doesn't belong in the same sentence.


I think I will write a blog about it, albeit I do so in a different way. Currently I think I will just write Rape (Towan Style) instead of Eventual Consensual Rape. In the blog I would explain this change, and then I believe I wouldn't have to worry about discussions breaking out. Hopefully.

Comment posted by fanreader999999 deleted Mar 29th, 2019

This just got me angry. I wholeheartedly disaggree with the royal sisters submitting in any scenario possible. It is well written indeed, yet I get my anger worked up quickly, for the submission of Luna and Celestia, and from them being called “sluts” and being forced to submit by the changelings. I got my blood boiling. From them accepting their fates as the useless cocksluts of the bugs, who serve no other purpose but to satisfy them. No. They can’t be derogated to such levels. No. Impossible. They can’t. They are characters who could be the most dominant in the entire cast. Argh. Apologies. I just had to get this out of me. No offense intended. It just makes me feel at unease, feel uncomfortable, and also horribly outraged by the fact that they are forced into sexual submission, resulting in everything being taken from them as they will be just sluts, their “husbands” taking their rulership as well, I am starting to have a rage fit, sorry, it just can’t be done to them!
*violently grits teeth*


Seems like I overlooked this message. Anyway, it is alright if this is not your cup of tea. Not everyone likes to see these two submissive. Though if it really does grate on your nerves like that, you should probably be more careful before reading a story. I had a Maledom tag in the description. Listed it under the kinks. You should look for Femdom stories with these two. Those might be more interesting for you. Anyway, thanks for still being collected about it.

Ouch... This hits at second read also, poor Pharynx...


That is why it is in two chapters. One can simply ignore the second chapter if one prefers things to keep a revenge on Pharynx out of the story. :pinkiesmile:

I tend to like your writing, but this one is a hard pass for me. There isnt anything wrong with the writing itself, besides some simple punctuation mistakes that dont detract from the story at all. However, despite the previous commenter's...colorful language, I do agree with him on one point.

Reading the first few paragraphs actually angered me. Not at you, but at Pharynx. He used mind altering substances and past assistance as political leverage to essentially rape someone. The entire time, neither Thorax nor Celestia stop this blatant and repeated assault? Neither of them thought 'hey, limbs are swinging, maybe we should calm down.' One tried to diffuse the situation, while the other backed the (by any country's standards) monstrous political move, and contributed to it. In the end, the interactions between characters once the topic of marriage came up was forced, unbelievable, and rigid. I expected Luna to react violently to Pharynx's actions regarding the pillow and his magic. Instead, she barely protested, then said nothing after Pharynx used a slightly fancier gradeschool phrase. 'You won't snitch if you're not chicken.' Because yes, this 1k+ year immortal is going to give them what they want after being taunted, mocked, and taken advantage of because 'oh no, some bug called me a chicken because i didn't let him f u c k m e.'

Attempted to read it, couldnt finish it after the tenth time being blindsided by the interactions and unrealistic dialogue. I realize this was a commission, and that most of this was not your personal ideas, as the commissioner likely envisioned and detailed this to you, but I would not call this one of your better works. I'm going to read the second chapter tomorrow, and with the difference in themes and ideas, I'm hoping it flows a little more smoothly than this one.

Sad seeing the complete breakdown of Thorax to be replaced by an evil tyrant by his brother (tho if anyone was going to do that it would be him) the complete breaking of not one but two proud alicorns and the (probably) subsequent collapse of both pony and changeling society due to their joint ruler being too focused on seeing his own wants fulfilled rather than his peoples needs not to mention general mayhem as ponies realize that the changelings have usurped the throne and such a dominant personality you can not control (especially) from a position seen as lower than the personality tho with this new dominance Thorax has seemed to have lost a few brain cells so I suppose Pharynx could outsmart him and eventually take over in which case one tyrant is replaced by another tho given his attitude he would probably have Thorax killed rather than make him submit or make him submit then kill him
Either way equestria is ruined (probably forever) with the breaking of its two ageless rulers unless we get a reset by Discord but with the way he is this is highly doubtful at best we would have a slightly more benevolent draconequus as puppet master of equestria. This is purely speculation on my part as I always think of what happens next after reading a constant "and then" cycle my mind likes to go throo untill I force it to stop think of this what you will.

Also this should just be rape as the breaking of an individual causes them to be considered impaired thus rendering them unfit to consent kind of like Stockholm syndrome and it is obvious that they (or at least Luna) are broken.


I think what's grating is that it's so out of left field and the pheromones thing is seriously OP.


The pheromones are basically nothing other than an Aphrodisiac of sorts. And stories exist that handle such topics, this being one of them. And they aren't too OP as the effect was slow and gradual and not instant. Still, one can argue that they are strong still, seeing how they affected pony bodies as big as the princesses.

As there is a build up for it in the story itself with subtle hints being dropped several times throughout it, I think it isn't quite so out of left field. Pheromones were the plan from the beginning and I incorporated it into the story accordingly. I didn't add it later in to justify Celestia's and Luna's behavior in case it looked that way.

I hope that explanation helps! :pinkiesmile:

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