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This just lined itself up for a sequel

Rosegfx #2 · Nov 27th, 2018 · · 1 ·

So, possible sequel so the old couple can truly be reunited?

People are gonna dislike this for the fetishes involved, but I must say, this scratches so many itches for me and ticks off many of my boxes. Thanks you for writing it.

I am a very big not fan of "lesbian turned straight" shit. Were she bi, I'd have read.

I don't even understand that. First, it doesn't make sense because if they end up enjoying it you can kind of assume they weren't fully lesbian to begin with... but more importantly, how is this anybody's fetish? It comes off to me as ideology shoehorned into porn, comparable to someone having a fetish for reading passages from the Torah or singing their country's national anthem; it might be something that satisfies them, but sexually? What even?

I hope we do get a sequel this is a great story

I mean yeah that's most of why it's uncomfortable to me, it does seem like shoehorned ideology.

Personally, I'd label the fetish:

The power of big dick energy

It's very niche, but is supposed to be an extra portion of flavour atop typical mindbreak stories. It's not everybody's cup of tea. It's a tad too strong for some in the same way throwing ntr/cuckoldry atop it is enough to make some people not read. But hey, we all like our tea with different amount of sugar - or no sugar at all. I find, very much in the same people have a unique fingerprint, they have a unique combination of likes and dislikes when it comes to their cock. :moustache:

I'm still not comprehending. Are we talking some form of mind-control here? If so, then why isn't it just called mind-control?


There's a definite distinction between mind control and mind break. Mind break is when the person's mind permanently and forcibly loses some sort of functionality that is generally considered vital to living independently. Depending on the story, this can be anything from losing the ability to not be horny to submitting to the evil overlord to outright catatonia. It doesn't have to involve mind control either, a lot of mind break stories have the character get pumped full of magic aphrodisiacs that make them stop caring about anything other than sex.

Mind control is making a character immediately okay to your whims, or making them comply with no resistance via magic. Mind break is gradually wearing down a character's will and resolve via magic, aphrodisiacs, pleasure, etcetera. Thing is, they don't want to become a slave to their pleasure, but via repeated rape, or some incomprehensibly good sex, they become a whore. Gleaming, a lesbian, was fucked so hard, so good and so many times, she eventually grew to love it. Hence, mind break.

I'd dispute your distinction between mind control and mind break and propose that mind break is just permanent mind control... but it's not exactly relevant here. Why? Guess what isn't in the contents list for this story. If it listed "mindbreak" or "mind control", then there wouldn't be any confusion. But instead it lists it as "eventual consensual rape" (which is a nonsense phrase, rape is, by definition, non-consensual; if it's consensual, it's not rape) which implies changing her mind without any intrusive influence; very much not mind-breaky.

Well the problem in my head is the conflicting of "she is lesbian" and "give her enough dick and she'll like it ". idk it just sounds super bad

That's the point really. I mean, it's taboo. Therefore, someone gets off to it. It's horrible, but it is what it is.


Sometime in the future! :raritywink:


You are welcome! :yay:


It's alright if it isn't your cup of tea. But there are people, myself included, that don't think bad about such a thing in the story. Mind Break was requested for this story. I did it a bit different and used more of an addiction element. So, there was some adjustment to the mind with the addiction but she is still herself other than that.

Also 'Eventual Consensual Rape' pretty much says rapey at the start. Here blackmail, but through the addiction she learns to love it in this case. I mean, that is the best term for it to convey the type of rape. I want my fetish list to be accurate. And this term was introduced by the rape group. Sure, maybe something like 'Eventual Dubious Consensual Rape' would have fit better by your argument? Though that by itself would be a mouthful. I mean Dubious Consent wouldn't fit with Blackmail. And Rape alone is too flat and general for this.

Anyway, if you don't like it, it's fine. I'm writing lots of different things and not everything might be something you like.

i have no idea?

When I read to a part of King Metamorphosis keeps his promise for let Princess Cadance go untouched, I feel disappointed a bit.:ajbemused:

But when I know you might write a sequel of this story in the future, I can feel a bit of hope in my heart.:pinkiehappy:

I hope you will write a sequel of this story about King Metamorphosis makes Princess Cadance turn to be a new cum dumpster of the Hive soon, my friend.:twilightsmile:

Decidedly perverted and follows a hentai with awesome closeness.

...kinda want to see this in comic form, now...


Hey yeah I understand that, it's why I didn't throw a downvote. Honestly all I'd intended to give as feedback was my original comment, providing my opinion, and it only went internet comment chain from there.

rape is not consensual so there is no such thing as eventual consensual rape

Comment posted by fanreader999999 deleted March 29th

Hey, pretty good my dude. Here's hoping for a sequel sometime soon.

The week we spend was the


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Uhh, that

while her front half was bend over



Consider the following:

If there's no such thing, then how is it there in this story?


Just a heads-up: your image doesn't work.

Because you can choose what happens in a story that you're writing. It's not magic, it's just fingers bashing against keys on a laptop and making words appear on the screen.

Would this community implode if someone made up a rule 63 name instead of using the same old tired bullshit we’ve seen for the last eight years?

I guess I’ll never know.

Me and my boyfriend (mostly me, though) would have to disagree with you. Some people get a thrill at the loss of control that "consensual rape" brings them. Bless his heart that he's a huge softy, but he can play along to help fulfill a kink/fantasy.

I loved this story and hope that there is a sequel where Cadence is the next to fall.

I want a sequel too with twilight and her friends falling as well.

Is there anything wrong with "rule 63"?

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