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Oh my Lord, I loved the first story and never expected it to get a sequel.
And God damn, that fetish list is big

Same. This was nice. :twilightsmile:
Not often are there sequels to bad end fics.

“So shall it be then. You will try what you can and once you fail, I might even consider making you my wife, depending if I feel generous and how polite you ask for forgiveness for your foolishness. You don’t want the alternative~” he teased, making Cadance shudder as she saw the changeling guards eying her lustfully. She didn’t want to imagine what the alternative was.

Well, Gleaming is not immortal, so Metamorphosis could still mold Cadance later. Maybe even into looking somewhat like Gleaming.


I am glad you liked it. :pinkiesmile: It is a Rape fic, so it is a lot darker than the original one, so it seems that most people don't seem too interested in it.


Could you elaborate? :twilightsmile:

I foresee a conquest!!! Hopefully, Shinning is not the only one being genderbent if there is a sequel!

Cadance scrunched her muzzle at this condescending tone, treating her as if she was just a child. This overt racism wasn’t really anything new. She already had experienced it from him before. It still made her muzzle scrunch-up in clear distaste. After all, didn’t this so-called superior king flee in terror from Twilight and her friends?


Don't know if I'm the only one, but personally I would like a sequel as well, featuring Twilight if it's possible. :) Really liked this part as well, keep it up please. :twilightsmile:

I have a question towan, will you take "Corruption of Equestria: Sweetie Belle's Fate" as canonical for your main story? clear if this is still ongoing.

seeing the fall of the pony civilization

I kinda wanna see that. This was awesome

Like the idea but it was too long for one standing here in my opinion.

Well I finally got around to reading this whole thing bit by bit. Poor Cadence!


Poor Cadance indeed. :pinkiesmile: Personally I would have preferred if she ended up like Gleaming too, but the Commissioner preferred the tone for this fic to be darker, so I obliged with it. I think it turned out nicely regardless! :yay:


Possible. I haven't decided yet and honestly? Slow as I am there are a few stories I want to wrap up before focusing back on it. :ajsleepy:

Is there going to be a second sequel where we Twilight?


Hm... Not sure if there will be another one right now. It is hard to say and depends on what the Commissioner wants to Commission.

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