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Whelp this is going to be fun

I really want a sequel to this

Great story! Can't wait for your spike/owl fic.

Honestly you lost me when the panther was acting basically like a human in a panther suit. Why bother doing bestiality if the animals all act human? It's not really bestiality then is it?


We are talking about MLP. Animals acting more human is pretty much a given. I mean, they showed an eagle that can knit! So I'm pretty sure I'm working in the boundaries of MLP here. Besides, I wanted Fluttershy translating dirty talk! :pinkiesmile:


In this story he pretty much does have such a relationship as the dominant. Care mentioned after all that Fluttershy's throat belongs to Angel. That naughty bunny! :trollestia:

but stallions breeding with female animals is sadly a rather rare occurrence. :ajsleepy:

:pinkiecrazy: Plz more of this, I love you for this. :pinkiecrazy:

So.... that happened:applejackunsure:

I think i'll be going now...:moustache:


He says about the show where animals have picnics.

Ditto on this


Bye, bye! :pinkiesmile:

And be sure to come back when we come to the story where Spike is making Owlicious his bitch! All you have to do is give in to the dark (and smutty) side! :trollestia:

Mein gott...

What ... what have you done?



7905256 Give in to the dark side?:pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:


7905473 Your name and your posts are an inspiration.

The Angel/fluttershy/Hairy part was very hot


Could maybe even be Prequel material. Care walking in on them, steamy spitroasting, and so on. Not to mention the husky scene.

But I wouldn't know how to handle Angel, really. I mean, should Angel be a complete jerk to him the whole time through? Or should it end with Angel and him being allies, or with Care being a subordinate to carry out the bunnies orders. Something like, who is behaving and being nice to the bunny gets to have a ride with his stallion companion/subordinate.

That's only my rambling now. So his relationship with Angel and how it develops and how they are standing to each other in the end would be my main concern. Then again, I don't have such a Prequel planned. I still have other projects and collabs. Not to mention my plans for some nice Owlicious clop! She won't fly straight after I'm done! :trollestia:

Hells Fire: My Comrade! I Congratulate Thee! This Is One Of The Only Fics To Arouse Me Just By Reading It!
True One: Mein Gott, it was beautiful! We cannot applaud you enough for such a piece!
Real One: Such power, such hotness, truly a wonder of Art!
Basilisk: And if somepony wants to talk with us, wait a bit, we are going to be on E621 finding some more of Black Panther Love!

This is a good one. I can say that. :twilightsmile:

And I understand what you said about timberwolf that bangs one or more of the Mane 6 clopfic as good as any other who is into bestiality, but I kinda want to see opposite of that kind of story too, you know.....I never seen a story of female Timberwolf before...or even 18+ arts of it (that wasn't draw by me) too...This is more rare than Spike X Owlicious for sure. :twilightsheepish:

Ps. Spike going to a problem with coaca for sure if hd decide to fuck owl. Bird kinda don't have much space for his dragonhood. ^^"

During estrus season, the males numbers are so overwhelming that Fluttershy has to take them on 2+ at a time.
Angel constantly seeing Fluttershy helping others, has an understanding that he can relieve himself with her mouth during matings.
Care gets off watching fluttershy get spitroasted and decides to buck her plot.
Angel decides to make a 'thank you' party for Care and Fluttershy with all the animals


Thanks! :pinkiesmile:

I also only can recall one of Shining Armor I think fucking such a timberwolf bitch. It had such a card design to it. Don't know if that is a drawing from you. But anyway, once I'm taking requests again you can provide me with an idea, if you'd like. I certainly wouldn't mind writing something about a timberwolf slut! :trollestia:

Interesting information you got there! Thanks for sharing it with me! :yay: Makes me wonder, can't he just go over the uterus and maybe then through the oviduct? That would give him space, but it also makes me wonder where the end is and especially the womb. :rainbowhuh:


Yes, dear. That Shining Armor one is my drawing...That why I said "(that wasn't draw by me)" :pinkiecrazy:

Bird don't need womb...Why they need it? The egg itself is womb for baby after all. :twilightsmile:


It just the same, don't you see? :twilightblush:

Bird's uterus was used to create egg shell here. The tru name of it is "Shell Gland"


Then kudos for being such an amazing artist! :moustache:

And thanks for telling me about it and saving me from the embarrassment of writing a story with a bird having a womb! :yay: It is also quite interesting information, since it could mean that dragons are lacking wombs too in theory. Then again, that's something I will have to check with lizards reproduction organs since they are closer than birds. Who knows if lizards are the same then birds after all considering how creative nature seems to be.

Anyway, seems that Spike will just fuck the uterus and oviduct. He can spray the eggs directly with his seed through the oviduct. That sounds rather hot too after all. :trollestia:

As a side note, I also just thought about your picture, and I couldn't help the thought that a female timberwolf puppy gangbang story would be rather unique too. Heh, that would be an interesting clopfic to post in the Foalcon group! :trollestia:


Well. Dragon is mythology creature. They are a fantasy creature. So people have varies fantasy for their genital here. Some have 2 dick, Some have barb on dick. Some have knot. some have pussy and vagina separate or penis and anus separate (Mostly for gay art for sure...Because if they have cloaca. Penis will come out from this hole and it left no hole for other male to fuck. :twilightsheepish:).

There never have any correct genital for this creature because of that. This creature isn't real...But owl is another story for sure. Owl is real creature... :pinkiecrazy:

This one might be a good example about how to fuck a dragon with 'anatomically correct' dragon genital (cloaca) I guess. => https://www.fimfiction.net/story/339170/embers-in-the-dark

That the most strangest fetish I ever heard...What are we going to call it? Oviduct fuck? Uterus penetrate? XD

The idea of female timberwolf is very interested. Since adult timberwolf might be too feral. Maybe used the kid one might be good too...And Foalcon + Bestiality is seem very rare as well. XD

PS. Do you know when I read this story until it reach to the part that Jade licking Care's cock. It's very scare me. Because I don't think her tongue is comfortable to touch a sensitive organ as dick....This is how feline's tongue look like, dear.

Now, imagine a man tried to used sandpaper to masturbate....:pinkiecrazy:


Thanks for the info and the link! :yay:

Oviductal maybe. I mean, we have vaginal and anal, so it might work! Heh. :pinkiecrazy:

Of course Oviduct penetration would work too! :pinkiesmile:

Yup! Seems like a good reason. Less feral and easier to influence. The little puppy could be raised from scratch, and being educated into a loyal cumdumpster! I guess some cum in the pet bowl might help to give her a taste for the stuff too! :pinkiecrazy:

Also, Sandpaper tongue? Interesting. But is it really that rough as it looks? Also makes me wonder why they have something like that then. Is their fur really so rough that they need it? Meh, I could probably go with the excuse of Equestria's predators having housecat tongues. I had a cat once and didn't notice sandpaper tongue back then so it could work out! :trollestia:


cumdumpster? Awww....That kinda not my interested, My apology. :fluttershyouch:

I actually expect something more innocent and more gentle there when you said "Foalcon". Maybe just a story of virgin colt and Timberwolf puppy. A colt who have no luck with filly, so he come trying his curios in sex with young beast he just be friend with no so long ago instead. And bam! Bestiality become his fetish after that and Female Timberwolf become his forest friend every since. :twilightsmile:

Maybe it's too small for you to notice, I guess. But all cat actually have a tongue like that. :pinkiecrazy:

Here a reason why feline have tongue like that => http://www.catbehaviorassociates.com/your-cats-tongue/


That can of course work too. A small romance in a way. Though I wouldn't mind to spice it up a bit with a Master-Slave/Pet relationship. Heh. Would be fitting with a timberwolf pet. :trollestia: Would also fit considering dogs also have this show of submission going on sometimes. That could be worked into a loving relationship. It might even be possible for it to be worked into an entire story. Either with Timberwolf male bullies going after the female timberwolf or pony bullies. Some small scene of her being defiled, things being settled somehow with the bullies getting comeuppance. A bit of conflict in a way.

Interesting. From reading a bit into it, it seems to have advantages, but drawbacks too. It also can ruin it for guys being really into cat bestiality. Lucky that I'm more the canine type with dogs and wolfs. :trollestia:


The first hard part for this ship is going to be. How to convince your parent that you want timberwolf as pet and want her to stay with him in his home. Timberwolf is wild beast after all. Not only parent but other pony might against the idea too. But it still have some good for this. To fuck with timberwolf on bed, in bath or at the kitchen when nopony home kinda sound interesting. XD

Maybe just make this colt being another pony. He isn't Loving Care. But some new character instead. Maybe let them share the same timeline might be best too. So we will have 3 Bestiality pony here. Thhis colt without a name, Loving Care (stallion) and Fluttershy(mare). (Now we need 1 filly to complete set. XD)


Glue some fur on it and say it's a dog? :rainbowlaugh:

It's a small puppy, so hiding it might be possible. Maybe get the pup in through the window. Then make some place for it under the bed? Or he could lock the door if his parents are open enough for it. It would be his additional secret. Could actually lead to conflict on both sights. A drama that has befallen these two. His parents want her gone, and the timberwolves thinks the puppy should just get over to them if she really wants it so bad. None of them see the sweet romance and love that binds these two! :raritystarry: :heart:

But enough of the sappy stuff! Fucking all over the house certainly sounds interesting! :trollestia: Our little protagonist could also use the bath to get her clean, and might of course make her messy there all over again. :trollestia:

Also about the filly part, Zipporwhill loves animals, doesn't she? :trollestia:


And since Timberwolf made mostly out of wood. (Save for her tongue and genital that will be the only soft part). She can even pretend to be a simple wooden toy too. Who going to expect the colt to actually carry real Timberwolf on his back after all. :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah. Fuck her in all place in the house will be fun. Wood going to enjoy being fuck in water for sure. And who know, we might found some interested toy in parent room too. :pinkiehappy:

Yeah. Maybe that filly is the right one to join the club. But that will be another story of another time. Maybe we should focus on colt story first, I guess. :twilightsheepish:

Nice story.


Timberwolf in a bag. Damn, now I imagine him in school with the back between his legs as he makes sure his little pet enhances his school experience. :trollestia: A portable mouth and pussy seem interesting like that. Zipporwhill could be the inquisitive one, feeling/seeing/noticing his behavior and being a child detective.

The female Timberwolf could have a shy personality. Avoiding other brash puppies. She could find fulfillment in this new life as a pet, compared to the one she was living back then. Though her disappearance might make some Timberwolves wary as they expand their territory to be on the lookout. She is even despite her personality a part of the pact after all. So Timberwolf pony conflict can ensue.


A living sex toy that you can carry around and able to love you back. Hope our colt will not let his male friend borrow it sometime also. They might play it rough with her. Because they didn't see her as lover like our colf but a simply beast to satisfy their lust. Or we going to see female on female action between female Timberwolf and Zipporwhill instead? And unlike Loving Care. Our colt still have lust for female of his kind. He going to fuck them both and bring Zipporwhill to Bestiality side! :pinkiecrazy:

And in the end. She was force to choose between timberwolf and pony. To choose the live of wide beast or household pet. To choose to be unable to have kid of her own for the rest of her life because Timberwolf don't accept her as their kind anymore and her lover can't impregnant her...so many drama. :pinkiegasp:


Yup. Good possibilities.

I can also imagine Zipporwhill catching them and being extremely shocked and flustered. But her inquisitive nature could also make her curious to try either bestiality out with her own dog or with the colt. Of course your solution is also rather interesting. She could try to get the puppy when he is busy or away to satisfy her curiosity. Of course the colt will walk in on them, surprising her and causing more smutty things to happen! :trollestia: After that she probably could also try out her own pet at home. And with that our proud warrior of justice Zipporwhill sinks deeper and deeper into the dark clutches of bestiality and debauchery! MUAHAHAHHA! :trollestia:

Maybe she is more extreme than the colt and will later on play with a whole or small group of timberwolf puppies? Pretty much depends of course how the relations will be and if they can be smoothed over for that to happen.

Other colts using the puppy is also rather interesting. It can lead to conflict if they see her only as a set of holes and the colt therefore forbids them from using her again. They can blow his secret, or maybe steal her for their own pleasure.


I rather want Zipporwhill to have first time with the colt and his timberwolf first. Before she bring her own dog to join their fun. And Zipporwhill might be ship with this colt too. Like a cover lover of some sort. To hide their true fetish that they fuck with their pet from the public. So we will have a couple pony who enjoy fuck their own dog here. While too outsider, they pretend (or actually) love each other.

And they will help cover for each other. Maybe Zipporwhill even save the colt from those bully who tried to reveal the colt secret because the colt don't let him fuck his living wooden sex toy anymore.


Yeah, her having her first time with him sounds like a plan. Though I'm not sure how a cover like that helps them to hide their fetish. :rainbowhuh: They can spend time with each other even as normal friends since no one would expect foals to be a couple. Maybe people would think of something like that more as a cute little childs play than a serious relationship.

These two helping each other out seems like a sound plan too. It would make sense. And if we have Zipporwhill as some kind of justice warrior it would also fit with her helping him. Maybe her father is a cop? ...And this thought might bring with it a basement with BDSM equipment. I mean, why just stay with handcuffs if her father could actually be kinky enough for BDSM due to his job in apprehending and restraining criminals? :trollestia:

edit: I forgot to say that I enjoyed this story, even if it was......a bit new to see Fluttershy like that again. Not sure why, but if it are characters like her than I usually have to get used to it first. However that happened pretty fast.

Don't get me wrong, I love a nice timberwolf that bangs one or more of the Mane 6 clopfic as good as any other who is into bestiality, but stallions breeding with female animals is sadly a rather rare occurrence.

I kind of think the same way, I enjoy everything a bit more that is slightly different, like a different personality than those that the male main char usually has, those overreactions and blushing to everything, or just agreeing to everything the main six want from the main char only to make it easiert to proceed in the story.
Maybe even those rare stories where Vinyl isn't only or mainly interessted in the sex she can get from Octavia at their first date......I stop because I could definitly continue like this.

Oh yes I think a male one in a bestiality story is as rare as a female Human in Equestria.

I don't know if the story was continued but I'm going to ask for two stories, the first one is one that I had already read once.

1. A unicorn Mare with a grey Cutiemark (something to paint with, like a profeesional, I sadly forgot how it was called). She get's kidnapped and is affraid to use her magic because she was bullied or something, but she has a prisma coloured magic or something. (like the nothern star I think). At first she was into Big Mac and later Fluttershy actually was brave enough to start making out with her in the hospital.

2. Now I had read once a story where a Mare was waking up in the hospital, I believe it was Diamonds mother, but since I didn't knew her back then and she was a Human turned Pony I just enjoyed the idea of this unique situation.

While I don't hate Filthy Rich as much as I did a year before, I only didn't enjoyed the idea of the Human having to deal with her bossy sister and mostly the author maybe forcing the main char to love Filthy too, just because she was inhabiting the Mares body.

Long sory short I'm searching for :

1. see Nr. 1
2. a Human turned pony story, maybe with them actually having a family (parents or foals) and having to deal with it or other unique situations. (and now I start talking about the optimal outcome again)

I would like to read them not just following those unwritten rules to fall in love with that Stallion again and if they do, then I want to get to know them again. I believe that the author maybe forgets that if someone has amnesia, that it could mean she has to get to know him again. (sorry I remember one Cadance story where the Human was forced and told to well marry and fuck Shining and that he would have no say in the matter).

I love this. Is there a chance we'll get another story involving them?

She even shared her own ones with her, which were mainly about being humiliated and bred, being brought down from the level of a pony, to be mere breeding stock for the animals of her cottage to use and maybe even some feral ones.

plz do

We need more of this. Please?


Just in case they was caught having sex or showing the sign they are in love with someone. Not directly like they see them while they have sex. But they have a mark of sex on themselve they forget to removed. Like fluid or scent. Or those bully told their parent that they fuck with pet and parent have some way to know they just have sex recently. They can just tell they have sex with each other instead. Telling parenf that they have sex with each other. The same age pony at the same kind might be more less guilty than telling they have sex with animal, don't you think? (And maybe we might let this story have a lore that it's ok for filly and colt have sex with each other because pony believe that the age they current are right now is free to have sex as they want. As long as they avoid having it while in heat). :trollestia:

It's not need to be a serious couple yet. But a simply boyfriend and girlfriend will do. Something more than friend. :twilightsmile:

Well. I doubt her father will have BDSM with kid size (That will make him be Pedophilia for sure)...Left alone it was design for animal.(and here is Bestiality...). If we want him to be a normal cop. I don't think he will have both. And I don't think kid will know anything about that kind of think without proper dirty book too. Sex for kid is away about pleasure, gentle and passion in their fantasy. I don't think they know that rough and pain is one kind of sex too. This kink is kinda for adult who love to be hurt...and I don't think kid will love to be hurt or hurt someone as well...They might be not too young for sex but still to young for heavy kink like that. :applecry:

And since the colt don't like those bully who play rough with his Timberwolf. I don't think he going to be rough with her himself too. That kinda put a little conflict in his young mind... :derpyderp2:


That logic is sound. I especially like the idea that it might not be a taboo in society. It could work that way.

BDSM is for myself more the restraining aspect. I'm not into painy stuff. Just an idea. Though if they have foal couples in that world, there might as well be latex suits in foal size. Would actually be a funny outfit for Zipporwhill. From warrior of justice to pervert. :trollestia: But like I said, I'm just throwing ideas around.

Playing rough is something I find hard to define to be honest. Probably because I'm always writing sex that is rough. :rainbowlaugh: But the colts not treating her right in some way of course is a good possibility. Maybe rough anal without actually them preparing their cocks for it and hurting her? That might be a way.

I probably should open a Google Doc sometime to note everything important down. :twilightsheepish:


Well. Maybe BDSM tool is only for adult pony. Who know. Adult don't mind for colt to have sex with filly. But it only for simple safe sex. They still want to make sure they don't hurt each other with extreme sex toy. So they prevent young pony to get access to this type of sex until they grown up enough and their body strong enough to handle them. :applejackunsure:

If you always love to play rough. Maybe it's might be hard for you to write gentle one, I guess. :fluttershyouch:

Anal....Mmmm....I'm not sure if Timberwolf have anal for pony to play with, you know. Because Timberwolf don't need to poop since they don't have digestive system. Or else it going to be messy if their body was separate like this :pinkiegasp:


But I'm sure they have genital system for you to play with. Just like the tree that have their flower as their genital. It must be located in the log that is the hip part of her body. And maybe...The colt can only take that log with him and leave other part of her body behind and jerk off by using the log that contain her genital like a living onahole. :pinkiecrazy:

Your one of my heroes now


Like I said. Just an idea. Can't harm to bounce them around, and see where to go with it. :ajsmug: What do you think about vibrators though? Or simple egg vibrators?

Like I said, I have a bit of trouble defining rough and gentle. If I don't write humiliating/degrading dialogue I think sex already can be gentle. Or if I don't write stuff like hair/tail pulling or spanking. I can simply go back to hip smacking. Honestly I find the line between gentle and rough sex to be pretty thin. I mean, starting sex slow and then get faster, writing something then 'along the throes of passion' in a way to steer it more in a passionate than rough direction.

If they don't have a digestive system how/why do they want to eat ponies? I mean, they want to eat ponies, right? Unless the show screwed up in depiction and wanted to convey that timberwolves are mean cuddle monsters! :rainbowlaugh: But their biology seems of course a bit strange for eating and stuff. I mean, what does happen then they eat if they really don't have the orifice to take care of it? Do they somehow absorb their prey entirely? Or do they throw up what they don't need. Do they even have stomachs? :rainbowhuh: Of course since the show probably won't answer it we could interpret the timberwolves differently. Maybe they can survive without food for long times and that's why no 'package' fell out of them in the show back then. Really, I don't know how to best interpret them right now. That's really something to think about.

Living onahole sounds like a plan. Especially if the little timberwolf pup can still feel him even if it's separated. :raritystarry:


Simple sex toy sound interesting. Vibrator, varies type of dildo, step-on, onahole, condom etc. (I think colt or filly can found that in their paren's room.) :pinkiehappy:

Yeah. Sex can be rough too. But I think we have to be sure it stay in low to middle level. Before in turn from rough sex to violence. It's about Level Of Violence (LOVE) here. I Just want to made sure this story is really be a foalcon sex story of young pony. I still want to keep some innocent in it. Or else it will become a clopfic of adult pony in the body of young pony instead. Because children is too precocious. :pinkiesad2:

I don't think they hunt ponies because they want to eat them. But it more like they want to protect their territory. They want ponies to get out of their area. They are like a protector of Everfree forest. Working like White blood cells that will drive invader away from the body. Timberwolf is something that Everfree created to protect itself, I guess. That why it made out of wood. :pinkiesmile:

And I think Timberwolf is like a tree. It's absorb water and nutrient directly to it wooden body. Without need for digestive system. :twilightblush:

Yes. I'm sure Timberwolf can still felt it separate part. It's going to be fun for Timberwolf when her head was place on the table and see her love fuck her separate hip and she can do nothing but watch and feel. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome... Spike and Owlicious? Hell yeah!

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