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Finally! I've been eagerly awaiting this!

Where is Mr. Cake in all of this?

Player three joins? What's their special move, and is it broken?

Flurry Heart? That came out of no where.
Wish I can read this now but got work in like 10min.


I totally forgot to put this in Groups last night!! Hahaha, oops! I knew I'd forgotten something.

Well, next should be Flurry and Cadence.

This pleases me...immensily.

Please tell me this isn't the end of this!

Dash and Scoots... I can see that. It definitely builds possibilities for the next installment.

"Pumpkin, you gotta try this!" he exclaimed, turning to look at his sister.

There's a perverse innocence about these characters that's so engaging.
Also, Cadence's final statement begs elaboration.

This series is great, is Carrot going to get involved eventually? I'd love to see them have a 'family game night'.:yay:

Mmmmm, Cadance was a naughty girl. I'm guessing she either had a little fun with Twilight or Night Light while she was babysitting. Now I wonder what Cup Cake's going to think once she gets back.

Not to mention Rainbow corrupting a minor. :rainbowwild:

Was hoping for a story of the picture of the two, pinkie and a paddle... but this is good too.

7777328 That's not out of the question ;)

this was a amazing story!

Ugh. So, I'm guessing you're a male. Because I don't think you understand how the hymen works. And it's not supposed to hurt the first time. Or bleed. Please watch this. Please.

Everyone's saying "Yeah now Flurrydance!"
And I'm just sitting here like ".... kinda wanna see that Poundaloo."
(The very idea that it might open to the other Crusaders NEVER entered my mind)

Interesting timing. This came out on literally the same day as http://www.fimfiction.net/story/352499/pounding-flurry

:pinkiecrazy:And on the next episode...:pinkiecrazy:
..."Spike, it's not like that"...

:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:To be continued:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU JUST GAVE FLURRYHEART A U.T.I.!!! never go from ass to pussy......

Every time I saw a male character, I was thinking that Pound was going to get fucked @.@

7783637 Welcome to the world of smut-fics where disease does not exist. :raritywink:

7785087 thats not a disease.....its an infection.......a nasty one.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBrmp8JrI54

7786043 ...I know that. But it's cumbersome to write something like "disease, infection and also anything medically bad that could happen to someone". Plz dun be so literal :derpytongue2:

Not as good as the first two but still good.
Not enough yaoi.

7816237 I'm curious as to why you thought it wasn't as good. Not to be egotistical or anything, but I was a bit confused when this one didn't do as well as the last two. Perhaps it's something I can address next time?

7816850 Like I said, not enough yaoi. The first one [and first half of two if I remember right] was about Pound doing butt stuff to himself.
I still liked this one, just had different expectations.

7818175 Well, that's not the definition of 'yaoi', is it now? :raritywink: But ah well, thank you for reading and responding.

7818868 isn't yaoi just young boy pronz?

7819153 No, that's Shota. "Yaoi" is gay porn.

So after watching that video I can say that, yeah, it's a problem that more people don't know about how it actually works. Though it's not just men, I know quite a few women, myself included, who don't understand it completely either. That falls to our education systems though, not us, so there's no need to be rude and "guess they're a male" just because they don't know how it works :applejackunsure:
Just a minor nitpick from me...

7834786 That's fair. Sorry 'bout that!

7834947 Mmm, all i can say is that I'm not the first and probably won't be the last. Maybe it's just an old wife's tale that'll be a part of stories for years to come. Even so, I know that if I had done the right thing, then tons of commenters would have asked where the blood was, so *shrug*

theres a Flurry Heart tag now

Wished Mr. Cake would also join in the fun.

And Then Pinkie Pie get's involved?

Is nobody going to mention that Pound probably made Flurry pregnant..?

8428461 Heat cycles. She's too young.

Sorry I forgot!😅

Did she just imply that Twilight, Shining and herself used to...? Awesome.

Shota is basically a boy loli.
However, shotas are found mostly in yaoi.
But Pound's age is not really specified, he is a foal.
So who knows?

I promise I won't go more than a block away.

Ponyville has blocks? :unsuresweetie:

Finally, after what seemed like half and eternity,

I assume you mean "an" :moustache:

I love the way Pound matter of factly expresses his preference for tailholes ^^

Oh course cadence doesn't mind

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