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When the whole brony thing started, few shippers wanted to ship Fluttershy & Big Mac. I'd like to think this fic changed that...

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#1 · Aug 1st, 2011 · · ·

I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry...

#2 · Aug 5th, 2011 · · ·


#3 · Aug 5th, 2011 · · ·

:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:.........damn it i might just cry

#4 · Aug 14th, 2011 · · ·

At first I was like :fluttershysad:
But then I went :fluttercry:

#5 · Aug 21st, 2011 · · ·

Yep, I cried.

#6 · Sep 1st, 2011 · · ·

:eeyup: + :fluttershysad: = :heart::heart::heart:
:applejackunsure: : huh? who iz in mah barn?
:yay: : harder
:eeyup: : oookay

:heart: This is one of the most adorable fictions I've ever read. :heart:

I must say, you did a marvelous job with this. VERY well done. I wasn't so much sad at the end, more was I just like "Aww, even after they've *sniff* moved on, they love each other!"

#8 · Sep 25th, 2011 · · ·

:twilightoops::pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh::fluttershbad::derpyderp1::raritydespair: all their reackions

I've always loved this ship, this story was so lovely :yay::heart::eeyup:

So they CHOSE their moment to die? Is that the idea?
Yes, of course I cried. It almost goes without saying.

#11 · Oct 2nd, 2011 · · ·

THEY DRIVE ME TO TEARS!:fluttershysad::raritydespair::raritycry::fluttercry:

Beautiful :fluttercry:
I :heart: FlutterMac

He had polled the old plow out of the barn, and every day he'd push it into town to clear all the snow off the streets for the city.
-Should be "pulled" I think.


I was almost brought to having a feeling at the end there. Fluttershy is probably my favorite pony, and Mac is a pretty good pairing for her. You wrote this rather well even if parts felt a bit hollow. I like to call this the quiet pairing. The very end with them sitting side by side was a beautiful scene, but it seemed a bit sudden. All in all this is probably my second favorite story on the site.

I am many things in many places. Here I am Not.

:eeyup:+:fluttershyouch:=:heart::heart::heart: me + this story +=:heart::heart::heart::pinkiehappy:

:eeyup: : Wanna git hitched?
:yay: : Yay.

so cute...

Of all the one-off fics I've read, this is probably the best. Heartwarming, heartwrenching, and absolutely beautiful. Fluttermac may not be my favourite pairing, but there is no denying how adorable it is!

I promised myself I wouldn't cry....:fluttershysad::fluttershysad::fluttercry::fluttercry: GAAAAHH! Ya got me!

d'awwwwww been looking for a fic for them and this is the best one yet!!! i'm not gonna cry, i'm not gonna cry, i'm not gonna....:fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry::fluttercry:

BWAAAAAAAA! This was so beautiful! I can't stop crying!:applecry::fluttercry::raritycry:

I read FlutterMac while I was travelling around Japan with my brother this summer. Since then, Fluttershy x Big Mac is my OTP. Thank you

I cried.
:fluttershyouch: :fluttershysad: :fluttercry: :fluttershbad:

Fluttermac is the best combo ever :heart:
Please do more, this story was actually beautiful. No joke. :raritycry:

:pinkiesad2: that was so preicous! :ajsmug: :fluttershysad: :heart: :raritystarry: :yay: :eeyup::yay:


This is the first good fic I remember reading. Not only did this fic give me my favorite ship but it helped inspire me to write my own fanfic. Thank you Roygbiv, thank you very much.:pinkiesmile:

This is so beautifully well written, makes me envy the characters for such a sweet and adorable relationship, this is now my favorite ship, write more, 5/5 <3 :eeyup::fluttercry:

I Daaaawwww'd!:heart: 'Twas excellent, my good rainbow!

Oh, I remember this... this was the first fic I read on this site, and the one that got me interested in writing pony fics in the first place. Thank you for that.

Oh... and one more thing... I might have daaaaaaaaawww'd too hard and threw up a rainbow on your carpet... Sorry.:twilightblush:

I LOVE Fluttermac. Good show old chap! :moustache:

Forgive me i'monly ten and i could hardly hold in laughter at some points. :rainbowlaugh: to be honest i might have a tiny crush on big mac myself.:twilightsheepish: I personaly hate:coolphoto:

I love these faces!!!!!!! :ajbemused::derpyderp2::pinkiecrazy::rainbowhuh::scootangel::twistnerd::unsuresweetie::trixieshiftleft::rainbowkiss::pinkiegasp::derpytongue2::ajsleepy::ajsmug::fluttercry::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::trixieshiftright::yay::trollestia::twilightangry2::rainbowwild::pinkiesad2::flutterrage::applecry::applejackconfused::fluttershbad::pinkiesick::raritycry::twilightblush::moustache::facehoof::twilightoops::raritydespair::pinkiesmile::fluttershyouch::applejackunsure::coolphoto::fluttershysad::rainbowderp::raritystarry::twilightsheepish::eeyup::duck::twilightsmile::raritywink::rainbowdetermined2::heart::derpyderp1: :yay::heart::eeyup: best couple ever!!!!! P.S. did you see rarity's face LOL!!!!

:twilightsheepish::eeyup::duck::twilightsmile::raritywink::rainbowdetermined2::heart::derpyderp1: :yay::heart::eeyup: Love IT!!!!!!!

Fluttermac is the best ship, followed by soarindash and then twiburn. 6/5 for this sweet fic. The D'awwwwwwww bombs have been dropped!

This has to have been one of the most heartwarming fanfictions I've ever read. Unlike many fanfictions I've read where a relationship is founded on lusty, implausible circumstances, this one is very well-rooted in heartfelt, sincere circumstances. Reading this fic re-affirms why FlutterMac is pretty much my OTP.
IMHO, this fic has a tender, heartfelt sincerity which is on par with any canonical/implied-canonical pairing in Hayao Miyazaki's films. Just...beautiful!

ahhh that's so sad and beautiful! ahhhh imma go cry now...:raritycry::raritydespair::fluttershysad::fluttercry::ajsleepy::applecry::raritydespair:

Ive probably read this thing 15 times by now and still I shed a tear. Shouldhave seen me the first time I read it, my parents were worried my friends had died.

FlutterMac is best ship! :yay::heart::eeyup:

:raritydespair: sooo sad LOVED IT

Two things:
1) It's Soardash not Soarindash :facehoof:
2) Twilight and Braeburn. Where did this ship come from. :rainbowderp:

I've always heard it soarindash but I must agree with the twiburn thing. What the buck?

That, was sad. *sniffle* I cried. I had feels. I have no more tear's to shed, and all my feels died of over use. ow. :eeyup::fluttershysad:

"You and Big Mac... You talk!?":pinkiegasp: :rainbowlaugh:

At first I was like :pinkiesmile: but then I was like :pinkiesad2:


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