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Winona is the Apple Family's sheepdog puppy. They adopted her from a shelter after she was abandoned by her previous owners and left to fend for herself as a stray for a while. The dog has been displaying strange behaviour during the fall of night and after this odd behaviour pattern carries on for a few weeks, it's blatantly obvious something isn't quite right with her.

When the family grows concerned for their family pet, Applejack and her two siblings decide to take her along to Fluttershy's cottage in hopes that she can communicate with her and find some answers as to why she is acting so strangely. Unfortunately, what they find out turns out to be rather heartbreaking.

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial origin story. It was inspired by a true story of similar events.


Credit for cover art: https://www.deviantart.com/tsitra360/art/Winona-645824133


Featured: 16/02/21 - 18/02/21

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poor Winona :fluttercry:

She was tired, but the feeling of unease was suspending her wishes to drift off as she found herself watching Winona, returning her non-relenting gaze. She was stood in the doorway, ears propped up in full attention, as if curious or worried. In her dark brown eyes, there was an emotion like stained frosted glass staring into Apple Bloom's golden eyes. She looked a bit pained, the same way when a heavy weight is on a pony's heart. Apple Bloom had seen it before in the eyes of ponies who had just had a relationship burst at the seams, prominent and painful but hidden behind layers of other emotions, obscuring it yet it shines through as if it was porous.

Sorry if it’s weird to point out, but I love the writing especially here.

Oh, I think i know which story you're talking about.

I think it's this one:

Riiiight in the feels... story + vid... ahhhhhh

Oh yeah, I feel ya. Why must they do this to doge? Doge just wants love.

Comment posted by Krack-Fic Kai deleted Feb 16th, 2021

It's a sad truth many owners will simply abandon a pet with no thought to the animal-s mental or physical health. Not being able care for a pet and rehoming them is one thing, but out right abandonment is just cruel.

I saw this story posted but it took me a while to settle down to read this emotional piece.

First off... hey man! You really did write the "Adventures of Winona" that I joked about in the last blog post!
I guess that was the final crowbar push required to get this story out, huh?

This story hurts because when I was about 11-12 years old we had a dog that was too big for our small yard. She couldn't be inside because other family members had allergies. We gave her away to another couple who already had two dogs and lived in the country with more room.
I remember them saying how she cried so much the first nights. And how she was allowed to sleep on the foot of their bed at the start.

I tell myself that she went to a better home.
She was a Winona.

Nice choice on the cover art too - the art style and cropping suits the story.

You still have what it takes to write good stories mate :ajsmug:


It was written partially well before you made that joke. I was like, "Well, now that you mention it, I do actually have a Winona story I've been meaning to finish..."

Second, oof. You know what's also sad? Owners who love their pets but develop allergies and have to give them up. Dogs always seem to end up on farms, don't they? Happened to one of our dogs, a rottweiler, so I feel ya, man 😢 it sucks.

Glad you liked the story. Didn't expect it to get featured within the first few hours! Think I might come back to kill this boredom with lock down, if only for a little while.

Dogs always seem to end up on farms

The ones who were actually sent to a farm upstate are the lucky ones. I suppose that in order to become a euphemism it had to be something that actually happened on occasion...

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