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Comment posted by Hclegend deleted Jan 2nd, 2019

The tonal shift between Luna kicking ass and then deciding to stop fighting forever is pretty sudden and extreme. On the other hand, I think this idea has a lot of promise :)

Well I agree with the second statement, however if you were in the middle of combat your first priority is to survive, so peace isn't the thought. But afterwards you're free to think, if you're alive that is, and Luna was thinking of her people, not herself.

Ahhh no, I wasn't criticising her actions as unrealistic. I just think the reader could use a chance to "breathe" there.

Strange. Could Swear i saw a Second chapter.

Comment posted by Kobla deleted Feb 22nd, 2019

What do you mean in other words

Comment posted by Kobla deleted Feb 22nd, 2019
Comment posted by dracone deleted Jul 13th, 2019

Wow you made Celestia both the victim and the true villian i'm impressed but do you intend to follow up this story with a Spike centered story during this timeline of events?

You will see by following the stories

I kinda wanna see all the harem members names and new names.

Sigh. Princess Celestia, the negotiations have failed. But don't worry, as I always say, "Speak softly and drive a big tank!"

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