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Ah, over 10 years too late.

Well... Here we go again...

Regidar #3 · March 7th · · 1 ·

it's almost inspiring that even after almost a decade people are still writing cupcake sequels


I mean, I get the cupcakes idea has been very overdone, but that doesn’t mean some of them aren’t worth reading or anything. Some of them can have unique spins and be quite different and interesting, despite using a premise that has been used easily over a hundred times at this point.

Regidar #6 · March 7th · · 4 ·

I'll concede to that.

The true question remains, however: does this story do that?

Read the story and find out.:twilightsmile:

Having just done so: no.
And I somehow concluded this before reading the fic.

Honestly? No.

The story is not bad, the writing is above average and the plot is interesting, but not new.

This story doesn’t do anything that hasn’t already been done countless times, which is taking another main character in mlp and having cupcakes Pinkie play with them. resulting in their death, mental breakdown, or conversion.

I like Pinkie, favorite pony actually. But I just don’t think this story shines more than any of the others. It’s a good story and worth reading if you have the time and don’t dislike cupcakes, but it just isn’t unique or different than any of the others.

Hm... any way we could've improved this? We worked hard on this.

It's not perfect but I like it

It's not too bad

I know this is late and not too different from most but I don't mind it. It's an okay story.

It's an interesting concept, but has a poor execution. I feel like it was just sort of ideas being thrown out at some point more than an actual story, and that killed the eerie mood you were going for.

For what it's worth, all of the good Cupcakes spinoffs I've read* have been ones which directly reject or subvert the premise-- it's not what it looks like somehow, or it stars Madame leFleur instead of Rainbow Dash, and so on. Take that as you will.

*I haven't read this one, so I'm not passing judgement on it.

Nothing to improve, it’s a good story.

I’m just saying the idea is not an original one.

Oh... I mean, I honestly thought it was good. I haven't really read any other sequels to Cupcakes, nor had I heard about them. Regardless, I'm still proud with what we did. It was the hardest I've ever tried at a fic, especially a horror fic.

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