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Hi, I love to write fanfiction and read fanfiction. My Avatar is a pony that I adopted from 💫 Abyss 💫 on Amino.

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Interesting premise, I wonder if the story will be dealing with necromancy a lot, how will there be dealing with with his stench, will they use a special air freshener around his neck al the time? I wonder what keeps him, from rotting even further or keep ponies from being sick around him. I wonder why he keeps up the cover what he was a pony before 'died' as his situation is already surreal. I wonder if the Guard will be sent to try to Exorcise his soul out of his current body, which I am sure he wouldn't be opposed to subject himself to, in the vain hopes of sending him back to his human. Through I don't think it would work as easily as either would hope.

Keep it up. You might want to put your OC art as part of the story cover.

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To be honest, this is the most confusing story for me. It seems that the beginning is standard and familiarity with the main 6, but this is the first time I read about zombies. All in all it's nice.

Knew this'll happen, MORTAL KOMBAT!

I think the same... at first I was confused but then I read it a couple of times and I think the way they're writing this story has the reasoning.... that he's trying to ask for information about everything so he can pinpoint his time in the timeline

Corpse Sickness is a real thing... I too wonder how they're gonna hand that

Thanks for the updates!

I really tried reading this, I really did but its so damn cringe. First chapter was like “Aaaaah I became my pony OC” that really just made me wanna bang my head against the wall also the fact that your OC knows the mane 6 just also kills off the story for me, I mean why even make a story in the first place if the character already knows who they are? Where’s the surprise in that?

Its a fat thumbs down for me 👎👎

Nice chapter, it gets better the longer it goes...

Swift Bolt would’ve argued, but seeing how Pinkie Pie was wielding a knife in her hand and the way she looked, they decided to not to say anything and let the party pony go on.


He shook his head. “No. It’s actually the result of a Pinkamena universe bleeding into this universe,” Green Amaranth informed. “This is actually somewhat normal in the Equestriaverse. You see, there are times when universes bleed into other universes, affecting the inhabitants, the past, and everyone’s memories too. Seeing as how everyone around us was still normal at the party, that means that everything is still the same, including you. After all, even if you were affected by some universe’s Pinkamena's personality traits, you’re actually still the same old Pinkie Pie who I care about, who loves parties and making ponies smile. Oh, and sweets too.”

This theory sounds like it came from doctor whooves, more likely the discord whooves when he explained that two timelines are similarly enough could bleed one into another.

Here is a much needed chart of Discord Whooves’ universe and how it relates to the rest of the tumblrverse.

Bubbles that intersect are ‘bleeding’ into each other, which means they loosely connect to the dimension but have their own dimension as well. For example, Lil Miss Rarity is bleeding into Miss Twilight Sparkle and Pinkamena, which means they have similar events to eachother and have had those occurrences in their own universe, but Pinkamena and Lil Miss Rarity may have their own things happening that are unrelated to each other.

If the bubbles do not touch, they have no effect on the other universe and only stay within the bubbles they are connected to.

Lines indicate crossing over into another dimension.

Example: Inkie is from her own universe, but Allons-y crossed into hers, and in return she went into his. From his dimension, she jumped into DiscordWhooves’.

Bubbles with ??? indicate infinate possibilities of their own dimensions. The Rule63 Ponyverse for example has many extensions of its own that are infinite and unknown. Rainbow Blitz is from one of those bubbles.

The blue indicates a barrier that should be impossible to pass through. The ‘human’ shaped whoniverse is supposed to be blocked off from the ponyverse, but there is a crack in it that has allowed the Doctor/s to pass through. Of course, like the ponyverse, the ‘whoniverse’ has many infinite dimensions but they all follow the basic structure of ‘humanoid’ as the primary shape.

Note that there is only one bubble that exists between the two, which is the human-shaped Ponies. They cannot pass fully into the Whoniverse because there is a secondary wall blocking them from intersecting. This particular multiverse is unstable, because it shouldn’t exist in either pocket of the dimensional planes. It is extremely difficult to cross in to, and is generally on it’s own with it’s own set of multiverses similar to the r63verse.

Edit: DRD should have been bubbled close to Pinkamena Diane Pie ‘bleeding in’.

This here is the link in which I had previously downloaded the explanation described
I tried to find again the page link again but to find it you would have to go into the archives of the askdiscordwhooves.tumblr.com

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Oops. Been so busy typing the chapter that I didn't notice the mistake. Thanks! ^^

^^; I forgot about that. Well, I knew about the bleeding universes' part, but I forgot that it works both ways. Been years since I last read that explanation. What G.A. explains is only what I can remember from back then. Also, I know that some of the AUs on Tumblr have been bleeding into other universes.

Dude, I haven't seen someone do that in many years, the fact that you do the actual reference could mean that you did spent a long of time in tumblr before the fall.

Yeah. I've been on Tumblr for years actually. Been a long time since I've actually seen another AU blog on Tumblr do the whole bleeding thing.

I miss the whole CrappleJack thing. it had real potential with the whole Genuvial and otherwordly stuff, felt a bit like some kind of Cthulhu tale.

I cringed so hard when I read:

“Oh, no. I’ve not just become any zombie pony,” he said. “I’ve become MY zombie pony OC, Green Amaranth! How could this happen?”

Yeah. This happened on the same day as the Cutie Mark Crusaders cute-ceañera, but set a few hours after the end of Chapter 12.

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