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Okay hon, listen up. This is important.


is an ellipsis. It can mean a lot of things, but is generally used in prose to convey a pause, a trailing off in speech, etc.



is a mess of periods. It conveys nothing except a weak understanding of the English language.

One of these things is grammatically correct; the other makes people not take your writing seriously.

7921676 Thanks. I'll correct it.

Do you have the artists permission to use that picture in your story? If you don't, you should ask them, and you should also put in your description where you got it from.

Nice! I like it a lot :D
Curious to whats gonna happen next ^^
And also i like the interaction between Luna and Discord :3
I can see this turning into more hihi :D

Read this on fanfiction, but gonna follow this here.

So, Luna can see the supernatural and everyone thinks she's crazy...

I wonder what you have planned next. Keep up the good work.

Seems very interesting. But it needs a lot of editing. Could you link me to the document so I can edit it?

What's up with the chapter length? It's so... random. Was this intentional?

8211260 what do you mean?

I'm enjoying the direction / main plot line of the story.

But some of the mistakes make this difficult to read. I'm probably not the best for advice as its been years since I've written any fiction. But when I write I type my ideas as they come out of my mind. Then edit.. edit.. and edit. When Ideas come out of my head they make perfect sense to me, but they often don't clearly convey my message to an audience if I don't go back and check basically every detail. Usually in three sweeps checking first for spelling, grammar. Then flow, and finally reading it out loud and making sure I didn't make a mistake while fixing things.

Thank you. That means a lot to me. Glad you like it.

By the way, I believe the picture on the cover is from MagnaLuna on DeviantArt.

OMG, really? Thanks for the tip. i will check it out.

edited: Yes it is. Thanks for letting me know. I been searching for a while but couldn't find who it belong too. Thank you again.

its finally getting interessting here ;3 very curious to whats happening to Discord ^^

Don't worry. That will be known very soon.

Interesting chapter. You may want to check the grammar, though.

Huh, and now I wonder if Celestia truly did all that she could.

Sorry for always bothering you with that; bad grammar is like a bothersome itch to me XD

8487479 You're fine. I was in a rush to post it. I should have double checked it first.

Cool :D

You have to work a bit on the gramar, though. Sorry for always bothering you with that :twilightsheepish:

8499731 Damn it. I thought I had it this time.:rainbowlaugh:
I'll correct it:twilightsmile:

I did have someone edited it a little.

Just a quick question, do you support Lunacord? :pinkiehappy:

I'm surprise, you are the first to ask that.:rainbowlaugh: I do support Lunacord but I don't mind Fluttercord either. But yes, I do like Lunacord.

Great! *Hopeful voice* Is this story LunaCord

Some scenes may be too graphic for some readers

Care to elaborate?

Awww. Thank you. That means a lot to mean. I had this idea for a long time but didn't think it would work out. Reading comments like yours tells me I'm doing something right in this story. So thanks for that.:twilightsmile:

I have no idea what a soul dreamer is.

Don't worry. It will be all explain soon enough. It was ShadowstarEx's idea and I just liked it.

Can you please just finally make them talk to each other? From chapter to chapter this story gets more boring and most of all annoying because noone can open their stupid mouth
And that after 30 chapters . . .
This story is so desperadly trying to be creepy and crazy
But it just doesnt work if the characters dont act relatable :/

Sorry. It been hard to write with everything going on with my life. I kinda started not caring for writing but I continued so I wouldn't give up on the story. Now the story is suffering because of it. I'm sorry. I'm almost done with it. So you won't need to worry. Next chapter, I swear to you, they will finally talk to each other.

There's too many mistakes that need correcting.
Want me to help you edit the chapter?

Yes. I would like that

I somehow got a Ghost Whisper Vibe to it :3 not bad.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! nice one! :rainbowlaugh:

Then at lease, she would know that she was real and not some tree.

should be "least" I think.

"Wow, that's means. "

Should be "mean".

Thanks for telling me that

To my surprise, it had work.

Should be"worked".

Celestia told me to at lease give him a chance like she did.


he would loose everypony around.

"lose" not "loose".

I knew he wouldn't be able to help a lot, but at lease, I wouldn't have felt so alone.


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