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This story is a sequel to Beyond My Grave: Night Terrors

(I decided I wanted to go back and redo this series. And this story is just not that good nor would work anymore. So this is no longer canon. I won't delete it but it's not a part of the series anymore.)

Since the three months after the event at the Crystal Empire, after a dream, Discord and Spike try to locate and find Silver Blitz. Meanwhile, Luna is dealing with the stress of helping a family with a child who is having some strange nightmares along with keeping her powers away from Celestia.

But all of that would be interrupted when an old friend of Luna’s returns with some unexpected surprises. It turns out that he has some supernatural powers of his own which unfortunately comes with supernatural consequences.

Warning: Some scenes may be too graphic for some readers

Editor(s): ShadowStarEX

Cover: made by miipack603.

Side Note: This series does go along with the comic books more than the show. I think I made that clear but I’ll say it now just in case for those who don’t know. Meaning, this story is after the comic book series The Nightmare Knights. If you don’t know what that is, click on the links below. It’s actually a really good comic book series.




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Oh, this is gonna be good. Already is!
If I had to suggest something, it'd be just one more reread. There's just these slight mishaps that disrupt your flow, such as:

What can I say old habits die hard.

A comma would sound great after "what can I say".
Otherwise, this was quite enjoyable, with a very interesting storyline. I'm looking forward to more! :twilightsmile:

Glad you are liking it so far.

Sorry about some of the mistakes. I don’t really have an Editor anymore. I have one but he isn’t always around because he’s busy. But I did reread it and added that comma in for you.

the last one ended with a dream and this one starts with a dream, this already tells me that cat or Trench is going to have a role in what's coming.

Also nice to see Discord can still enjoy the little things in life like drawing on one of your sleeping friend's faces, he's going to need this moments before stuff starts to get dark again.

it could be worst, you could've ended up like the stars of the hangover.

looks like its almost time for a cat-astrophe to happen.

well at least she can look on the bright side, she did find the person she was looking for and he wasn't dead.

I have complete faith in Capper that he lost that game intentionally, he has that much charisma.

“Oh Capper boy. What did you get yourself into?”

well Capper, I'd say you became the protang in a movie similar to Indiana Jones or video games like uncharted. You might even have inherited that infamous nathan drake luck.

well it looks like its up to you to put a team together, play your cards right and you'd have your own guardians of the galaxy.

But in all seriousness, hope Capper has some sword skills or a good teacher because he's going to need it.

nice to know Capper's not the only one having an expository conversation, he's getting more answers than Discord whose stuck in 20 questions.

a purrfectly good solution is to go to pony barber shops and acquire the hair there. then again any chance for an excuse to cause chaos between exposition dumps is welcomed by me in this story as it gives a cat's eye view of the bros being bros. While its seems like the cat has Capper's tongue with the revelation that his parents are dead.

Can't wait for more:rainbowkiss: stay motivated to write this cuz I need to know how this ends. And don't die of corona virus or anything. Stay alive so can write more. I love this whole series:pinkiehappy: and how many more stories are you gonna write for this series? I really dont want this to end

It should actually if all go to plan, should be done tonight or tomorrow. Also, I do have more plans for this series but I don't want to reveal it yet. I have been working on my other stories but this one will be done.

I can't seem to work in a ghost buster's reference that relates to them calling Luna for assistance so going to just going to quote bugsy.

'what could possibly go wrong'

Capper pretty much took center stage as best character of the fic, followed by Discord, Big mac, and Spike, then Luna.
Going to call Sus to the identity of who killed Capper's dad and once again you cut it off on the aftermath of their return to ponyville which is probably going to be mentioned in the next series where Eris comes out to play.

Well, who do you think killed them?

have no decisive evidence to this claim, but what if it was accident and you felt bad about killing someone's parents. Wouldn't the best way to atone would be to look after their child. Of course your not going to tell them hey I killed your parents or there was something I could do to prevent their deaths but didn't find out about it until after the fact.

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