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Introducing the remastered version of the first Beyond My Grave book. Involving major changes in events and plot points, this retelling gives a chance to give the proper justice to what started the main story series as well as the author's true adventure into writing and horror. 

For her whole life, Luna has seen beyond what most ponies could ever see. But she could never tell if she was crazy or if the things she saw were real. Luna will now take her unseeable gift and help the lost souls. And with the help of her friends, Luna will not just go beyond her gift, but also....herself.

Featured March 22nd 2023.

Edited by: Wingdingaling

Proofread by: ShadowStarEX

Cover by: CrimsonRose97

Note: If you’re that person that likes to read all the contents of any series then you might want to read both versions of the story since they are different in many ways. I will warn you though the original is pretty bad. Not just plot holes but also grammar. But if you're someone that just wants to dive into the story, I would recommend just reading this one since it is more polished. I just thought it was time to step back into this one and fix it up to become the story it was meant to be. I know the rules about rewrites but enough has been changed that it can be posted as a new story.

Huge thanks to Wingdingaling who helped me a lot with this remastered and is the reason this was made possible

Link to original story: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/355058/beyond-my-grave

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I'm interested to see where this goes

I can't even put all my thoughts about this here but just simply wonderful😌 Getting a new side to the same story I have oh so enjoyed those few years ago:pinkiehappy:

Is this also going to be part of a series?

Well yes. This is the re-mastered version of the first one which is much better.

This really is how Discord should have been depicted in the cartoons. An abstract of unknowable power that just kind of exists, can't be defeated, and does whatever the hell it wants. That would have been more memorable.

I just want to say that working on this really meant something to me too. Not just because it was one of the biggest messes that I've ever had to help clean up, but because there really is no other story like this one. The reason I stuck with it the whole time was because I recognized that there was something truly unique and special beneath all that mess. And after many hours of work fueled by insomnia, heavy metal, and just knowing that this was going to be great, it's finally done. Your abilities have come a long way since the original story was written, and you were able to make this version happen with what you've learned since then. I'm really proud to have helped you on this one. And congratulations again on your second featured story.

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