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When invited to the Grand Galloping Gala, Capper wasn't expecting to catch the eye of the princess of the night. And after a small moment between the two, he dare believes that there could be something more. However, a quick reminder of the past might make him think otherwise. But maybe, just maybe, he could be someone that Luna would like.

Featured on March 4th.

This is for the 2022 Crackship Contest.

(Optional readings: The Nightmare Knights Part 1-5)

Edited by: Wingdingaling

Proofread by: ShadowStarEX

Cover by: CrimsonRose97

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Then she saw the face she was looking for. Celestia was at the other side of the dance floor talking to Twilight. Twilight, who had worked so hard at putting the event together. Luna assumed it was because of the disaster of the last Gala Twilight attended, which turned out to be the most chaotic gala yet.

Two times that Actually happen lol it was pretty fun and funny

“I never liked going to these galas. Or balls. Or formals, banquets, and soirees. Not even a festivity. All the expectations of me. What clothes to wear. What shoes. How my mane should look. And just knowing that every single mare in the crowd is being compared to me! I’d rather be in my chambers, reading my novels,” Luna said, nearly dropping her glass.

To be honest I can relate to that I'm not really into big parties that much either

So it looks like the grand Galloping Gala is on the way and capper is invited to the party and this was during a time when the nightmare Knights went to the alternate universe to stop Aries and it looks like a friends are there including Trixie and more importantly Princess Luna she was pretty nervous going to this Gala and she felt more Awkward with everybody around despite how much she wanted to stay there for that promise she couldn't while she was outside she wasn't alone Capper came along and comfort her they've even did A Dance which that was cute but then things got out of hands when there was a fight going on with a pony and a griffin and it looks like one of Capper worker from his town and it looks like either he threatened him with something and it felt like capper can never Escape his past even Princess Luna wants to help him but he didn't want any help from anybody not even Princess Luna and now he felt regret saying that to her and now he listen to the song that Luna listen to man that's pretty sad in the end

“It’s a long story. My point is that you can at least try something like that. Or you’ll be left high and dry,” Trixie said.

A carriage sped by, throwing up a massive splash that washed over Capper and Trixie both.

“And you, Trixie, are all wet,” Capper grimly said.

Lol that part was pretty funny and ironically 🤣

“It’s true. Everypony there thought they got off practically scot-free. I thought it. Dash thought it. Even Princess Celestia thought so,” the dragon finished.

Usually that always happen in the show probably Hasbro didn't want it to show consequences

Aww this was a pretty sad and a sweet chapter so Capper felt guilty for what he said to Luna but it looks like Trixie of all ponies or creatures so help him to settle this which again that was nice of her to do that so they went to Ponyville to ask spike to deliver a letter to Princess Luna but apparently things got really heated with Twilight in the room which it was pretty awkward but the letter was delivered and it looks like she wants to meet him at donut Joe which is a pretty interesting place to meet up but that must be her favorite place to go then with that they talked for a little bit and even apologized to each other and it looks like they're going to go on a date very soon again this was a very nice conversation between Luna Capper and Trixie really did came through

“Princess Luna?”

“Knock next time!!” Princess Luna shrieked as she slammed her sketchbook shut and rolled out of bed in one fluid movement.

It kind of reminds me of the movie Spaceballs especially the scene

“I’m what Spike has called ‘socially awkward.’ Most ponies learn very quickly that I’m not like my sister.”

Wow again I can really relate to that

Pulling the ball directly to his chest, Capper thrust his arms directly forward as hard as he could. The ball rocketed into the backboard and bounced off. Not upward, as it should have. Instead, it shot directly back to Capper, hitting him squarely in his face, taking him off his paws.

Ohhh right to the bullseye 😵😵‍💫🤕

"No, sir. I did not see you playing with your dolls."


Me too I love this movie so much

Beautiful story, I cannot wait for what happens next <3

With eyes as restful as they could get, Capper laid still on his bed, trying to enjoy the blessed moments of solitude.

ah, you make this moment sound so wonderful!

Then, he enjoyed a simple breakfast of toast and jam with catnip sausages.

that sounds like a delicious breakfast that is very fit for an anthropomorphic cat

And Capper was never one to be late.

an intriguing start, raising so many questions! all of this seems like such a different environment from the Klugetown we were introduced to Capper in. excited to see where this goes!

Starlight muttered in response. Whatever Capper said, she didn’t hear it, as she was busy tuning out Pinkie’s inane bantering to her side.

ooh, burn on Pinkie!

Without her powers, she enlisted the help of Capper, Tempest Shadow, Trixie, and Stygian to infiltrate Eris’ palace and casino.

oh hey, comics continuity! also, augh, i loved Trixie in that!

Some time had passed since that night, and they all had agreed to never mention it to anyone.

hehe, convenient!

“Oh, that’s a great story. As if we haven’t heard that one…” Discord began counting on his fingers. “Let’s see…One…Two…A million times!” he said, suddenly growing extra limbs with extra fingers on each hand.

classic Discord!

“You mean like how you tried sending one of the party guests to another dimension because he didn't like your jokes?” Trixie smirked knowingly.

hehe, good callback to "Make New Friends but Keep Discord"

“He’s right. He hasn’t caused any trouble tonight.” Fluttershy smiled at him. “And I’m very proud of him for that.”

A halo blinked into existence over Discord’s head.

aww, classic overly lenient to Discord Fluttershy!

To go with it, she had bought a pair of black pumps that were made from a material that glistened like water.

i wonder what ponies would call a set of shoes? a tetrad?

The ticking of the nearby clock drew her attention again. The minute hand inched ever closer to the dreaded hour. An hour she had been dreading for nearly five weeks by that time.

ooh, ominous

“Ouch! Hey! Easy with that horn!” a voice said.

“Oh! Oh my! I’m terribly sorry! I–” Princess Luna stopped speaking when she found that she was right in front of the group she had wanted to approach in the first place. Directly in front of herself was Pinkie Pie rubbing her sore side.

Goodness! They’re all staring! I’ve hurt Pinkie Pie, and I look like a complete disaster! Dear, I’m a walking faux pas!

aww, poor awkward and anxious Luna! and augh, i can just hear Pinkie's voice shout this

“Alright! That’s it!” Discord said as he stomped into everypony’s view, wearing the exact same dress and mane style as Princess Luna. “First, I find out the princess is wearing the same dress as me! Then you all think she looks better in it!? Time for this bird to fly!”

i gotta say, Discord won me over with this one!

“Well, I could have done that!” Dash said, pushing Rarity’s hoof to the floor.

“You, Rainbow Dash, lack the gentle touch called for in these situations,” Rarity said.

“What do you mean? I’ve got the gentlest touch! I could have gotten him to the other side of the room with it!” Dash said.

love the voice of Rainbow and Rarity in this bit

“Moonlight and cider. It’s a winner at a party like this,” Capper said.

augh, to have the tenth of his charm!

“And you said you didn’t dance,” Capper chuckled.

“I’m putting up a good performance to get rid of you,” Luna said.

“Do you think it’ll work?”

Luna smiled slyly.

“Not really.”

hehehe, good stuff

For another moment, they stood in silence. Princess Luna felt Capper’s paw softly grip her shoulder, and she became aware that there was almost no space between them all of a sudden.

"Shall we make our way back to the party now?" Luna quickly asked.

"Of course," Capper said, motioning toward the door to the ballroom.

classic shipping moment!

Needy was always more rat than a cat. His tiny ears picked up every whisper. His beady eyes saw every detail of misdeeds. And his pointed snout got into everypony’s business. And when he knew others’ business, it became Verko’s business. And now, it seemed, Verko's business was there at Canterlot Palace.

oof, i felt this! Capper's Klugetown world worming its way into the immaculate garden of Canterlot

“You shook Scootaloo by her shoulders, jerk!!” Dash yelled before she was silenced by Princess Luna flapping her wing in her face.

yeah, what kind of an irredeemable jerk would do that!?

“Well! Either I’m hitting the catnip too hard, or that’s Capper Dapperpaws!”


that would be my reaction too!

It seemed that no matter where he went, he couldn’t escape from Klugetown.

this is a so true thing about Capper, and always a great aspect of his character to explore in depth

“Nothing. It’s just…Hm…You don’t look at all how I imagined you without your jacket on,” Luna replied.

“If you were expecting a first-class bodybuilder, you should make friends with my cousin, Lionel.”

A small laugh was shared between the two, and another length of silence.

hehe, disarming!

“I simply feel that if there is a criminal in Equestria, I should know about it. Surely you understand my concern in the matter.”

i love the notion of Equestria being so idyllic that the existence of one "criminal" within its borders is a cause for royal concern!

It was a single track on a cassette tape, which was sold for a price that didn’t do the song any justice. In no time, he was back at home.

i do hope that Equestria's music tech tops out at cassettes (nice and analog!), as CDs would be a step too far for me

If there was one thing Klugetown had taught him, it was that being lonely and being alone were such very different things.

such an important thing to learn!

He reached beside his bed for the ukulele that he had bought the other day. For him, learning new skills was a necessity on the streets of Klugetown. Somehow, music was one of those skills that had escaped him. Still, that didn’t stop him from learning. Even if it was by ear.

i have to say, for some reason ukuleles feel like they would suit Capper

“At least somepony understands,” Trixie said, as she walked inside and hung up her raincoat. “Do you always wear your coat indoors?”

Trixie of all ponies should understand a creature wearing a particular item of clothing all the time, even indoors!

“She– She was…” Capper stammered, not knowing that a tiny grin had inched onto his face.

“She– She certainly was,” Trixie said, mimicking Capper’s stammer.

aww, Trixie is so mean, but that is what makes her so fun!

“Capper,” Trixie unsurely began, “For what it’s worth, I think it’s wonderful. That you’ve found somepony. It’s not who I would have expected. But, I think it works.”

i do like this meta-commentary on crackshipping!

“You’re saying that like the castle guards are just gonna let in two of the most notorious grifters in the kingdom without an invitation.”

hehe, that is exactly what they are, aren't they?

Then, he saw it. On the shelf just above him, there was a gleam of yellow. His topaz cream cakes were just there, in the place he put them to save them from himself. Now, his willpower cracked, he was straining his arm to collect them and satisfy his sweet tooth.

Just a little further. Only a millimeter more.

this is such a Spike problem, i love it

“If I do this, is it gonna become a regular thing? Because I have other things to do, besides become everpony’s personal maildragon.”

aww, nice to see Spike standing up for himself

“Well, sorr-ee! But, you knew what you were getting into when you signed that contract with me. I’m entitled to an entire sixty minutes of downtime each day. If any of that’s infringed with work, chores, or even personal favors for friends, it counts as work time and I get to put my breaktime on pause. So, maybe you should let everypony else know about our arrangement, and I wouldn’t have to be hung up so long just to get my damn lunch!” Spike said.

oof, now this is child labor!

“Oh, yeah. You missed one hell of a show,” Spike said through a mouthful of cakes, “Man, she was lucky Princess Luna showed up when she did. That mare was gonna make Rainbow Dash into Rainbow Mash.”

hehe, "Rainbow Mash"

“Because, you, Twilight Sparkle, and Princess Celestia herself, have let others off for much worse crimes than disturbing the peace,” Capper said.

this really says a lot about Equestrian society

In her usual bombastic nature, she dropped a smoke bomb on the ground, filling the kitchen with a thick cloud of white as she and Capper made their exit.

ah, this is all the more Trixie for how unnecessary it is

“What are you standing there for? Stallion up and walk inside,” Trixie said, nudging Capper on.

“You know, they call my species’ males ‘toms,’” Capper said.

hehe, cross-species communication!

“I have also come on behalf of somepony else,” Capper bombastically said, “To assist her in an experiment unlike any other ever conducted.”

“Twilight, you mean?” Luna knowingly said.

“Not this time. As you can see,” Capper said, guiding her gaze to the table where Trixie sat, “Our little, blue friend is trying to make her acting debut by pretending to read a magazine.” He leaned toward Trixie’s direction and squinted. “About knitting? I had no clue she was so domestic.”

“If she could even pretend to be domestic, she’d get an award for that performance,” Luna said.

i did like this comedic bit at Trixie's expense! those are always very fun

“I know. I heard everything. ‘An experiment of destiny?’ Did lines like that really work on widows and naifs that you targeted before?” Trixie said.

“Nah. Usually, a quick compliment about their furstyle was enough for those sheltered airheads. With Luna, I guess I tried to be genuine for the first time.”

yeah, i definitely can see Capper as this archetype, and learning how to navigate a genuine romance for once is a classic romance story trope for a reason, and watching Luna and Capper finally communicate directly and genuinely was great. loved the Trixie/Capper friendship chemistry in this chapter, too, with Trixie providing the ridiculousness and force of will needed to push Capper into growth. and the glimpse of Twilight and Spike was fun as well, with them free to be dysfunctional as seen through the reformed villains' eyes.

A cat who had no interest in her status or her riches.

i have to say, i definitely associate the Princesses more with "status" than "riches"!

Who made her feel at ease with herself, even at the formal gatherings she couldn’t stand. Best of all, who she could be completely honest with.

and that is what is important in the end!

To her everlasting shock, there stood the maid who had fetched her on the night of the Gala. The maid herself stood with an expression of pure surprise.

aww, it's nice to see that maid again!

“I…I…” Luna could barely contain her smile as she flushed red and turned away from Capper. “I was just telling you the maker of this dress.”

hahaha, perfect pony naming moment!

“Of course. I was thinking for the first course, this tuna pate with sweetbread sounded good.”

that does sound very good!

“I was very young when I became a princess,” she began. “I so wanted to see and do the things that all of my peers were. But, all I was ever shown was the ways of royalty. And with that comes the fear that anypony who likes you likes your crown even more. And then there was my, shall we say, ‘fall from good graces.’ I was still quite young when that happened, and I spent a thousand more years missing out on all of the things that I so yearned for. Even though I was only a few years older than you during that time, I still have to learn everything that creatures like you did over their lifetime.”

and this does explain why all of Luna's confidence and grace is gone when it comes to Capper

“Not really. When I was a kitten, I wanted to be a singer. Not just any singer. I wanted to be one of those guys who wrote their own songs that they sang.” Capper sighed quietly. “I guess it was too big a dream for a small timer like me.”

and that connects all the little moments with music that he's had over the course of the story, nice

“You shouldn’t say such things. It’s never too late to reach for a dream, no matter how far off or daunting it may seem. Most of the greatest inventions started out like a dream. And the world’s most successful children’s author couldn’t read or write until she was in the sixth grade. And then…Here we are, like this,” Luna said.

hehe, in a way, they are both late bloomers here! a nice commonality to spot

Impressive. That was exactly the word to describe it. Impressive that he made that shot, even though he could now see how the game was rigged against him. The way the ball had bounced was not in any way it should have. Not if the game was set up fairly. Capper looked at the panda, and a devious smile crawled onto his face.

never try to con a con artist!

“He was lucky I just took that. Between busting him in front of royalty and the personal injury, I could have cleaned out his whole booth!” Capper laughed. His head throbbed again, making him groan.

now that's a con i didn't expect him to pull here! Slippin' Capper

“Oh. Sorry,” Luna said, dousing the light from her horn and reapplying the ice pack. “So, the good news is that you’re truly not concussed.”

oof, that is good! though being in danger of that made his stunt even more foolish. concussions are no joke!

Luna’s ear twitched as the low, sweet sound of a quiet hum or chant rang to her. After, it was followed with pretty words of the stars, love enough, and that sweet, fabled paradise. Only a few lyrics after that, Capper’s voice simply hummed in her ears, keeping her entranced on the tune. Whatever would have been sung next, she knew it could only be wonderful.

aww! there's something very nice about this song being one remembered from Capper's kittenhood that could not be found elsewhere. very fitting with the themes, by having something beautiful come only from Capper's looked-down-on origins

And maybe, just maybe, he thought that he could be someone that Luna would like.

an adorable title drop!

it was nice enough to see a fic with Capper in it, as underappreciated as he is! even better to see a shipfic, and even better than that to see a shipfic that's not with Rarity, if only just to see how he would fit with a less common pairing! and Capper x Luna is definitely a great crackship idea, which you've made a great case for with both their commonalities and their complementary personality types. and Trixie was a great addition as a secondary character, filling her role of "chaotic best friend in a romcom" perfectly, and rounding out the whole reformed villain friendship dynamic. thank you for writing!

Thanks for reading it. Even though I didn't win, it was so much fun writing and the fact you commented on it is a good win for me. It was also my first story that got featured. It gave me the courage I needed to keep writing. This was all possible because of this contest. So thanks for that.

Interesting I guess there must be a sequel since this is part one after all. I will be looking forward to it.

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