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This story is a sequel to Beyond My Grave: Night Terrors

Since the three months after the event at the Crystal Empire, Luna and Discord have finally decided to use their powers together to help the living and the dead while at the same time live their normal daily lives.

After a dream, Discord and Spike try to locate and find Silver Blitz. Meanwhile, Luna is dealing with the stress of living a double life and the troubles of keeping it a secret from her sister.

But all of that would be interrupted when an old friend of Luna’s returns with some unexpected surprises. It turns out that he has some supernatural powers of his own which unfortunately comes with supernatural consequences.

Warning: Some scenes may be too graphic for some readers

Editor(s): ShadowStarEX

Cover: made by CrimsonRose97

Side Note: This series does go along with the comic books more than the show. I think I made that clear but I’ll say it now just in case for those who don’t know. Meaning, this story is after the comic book series The Nightmare Knights. If you don’t know what that is, click on the link below. It’s actually a really good comic book series.


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This story is a sequel to Beyond My Grave

With everything calm down and peaceful, Luna is now trying to keep her powers under control. While Spike tries to learn more about the supernatural, Luna and Discord try to move on with their lives. However, they soon find out that their story is just beginning.

It starts off when Celestia plans a week trip to visit Shining Armor and Princess Cadence after Cadence starts experiencing some depression. Celestia brings Luna along in hopes to get her and Cadance to know each other better. And in hopes to please Celestia and Cadence, Luna buys Flurry Heart an old antique toy. Not knowing that the toy originally belonged to a young dead mother looking for her lost daughter.

Warning: Some scenes may be too graphic for some readers

Editor(s): ShadowStarEX and TheMysteryMuffin and Shimmer Bolt

Cover: made by CrimsonRose97

Side note: Also, I would like to point out with the coming of the end of the series, I made a quick decision. That decision is that the first book takes place towards the end of season 7 and the second book takes place at the beginning of season 8. That's all.

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