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Is it bad that i think lunaxDiscord should be a popular shipping?
Do i have to keep coming across celestia/discord fanart WHEN I CLEARLY TYPE IN LUNA/DISCORD IN TO BING!?


So here it is a LunaxDiscord shipping group witch could become very popular if WE try!!

so guys if you want to help me make Luna/Discord popular start writing fics in this group, make fan-art,and most importantly JOIN!
sadly I cant because I'm a newbie at drawing and writing so if theres a fic in here its not written by me :(

here's some awesome fan art i was able to find on GOOGLE to help inspire you guys:

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Comment posted by LusitaniaTheBunny deleted Jan 13th, 2018

I wrote my first LunaCord story an I am so proud. This is the best group ever!!!!!!!

Yes. I agree completely. They were both villains who later reformed.:applejackunsure:


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