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That's my fetish

I take it this was received well :twilightsheepish:

So any chance that Vinyl is a Vamp-Pony like I've seen in some fanmade comics and fanfics, if so she could easily break the changeling Mind Control on her and go to Celestia and Luna to tell them about the Changeling that tried to capture her.

I suppose anything's possible, but I'm not sure that's where the patron wanted to go with this :twilightblush:


Well you are the Author of the story and could always do a sequel to the story then so you could get Vinyl and Octavia free of that changeling if you wanted.

I'm the author, but this is a paid commission, so the patron has a say in it. It's an interesting premise, anyway.


I think if you MAKE a sequel on your own then the patron does NOT have any say in it, after all you are doing it for yourself instead of them, plus there are people who make sequels to stories of other peoples stories from what I've seen.

I prefer to give the patron a say in most cases. It's a courtesy.

Legally, this is something of a grey area, as the patron owns not only the story, but any original characters created therein. So, to make a sequel without their permission might be considered copyright infringement. I mean this is fanfiction, but still. It's courtesy.

Woah, this is really well written. Aaaaand just my style :yay:

Eh, I dunno about all that. It would be hard to enforce a legal precident for anything done as a "fan parody". Just, as you say, I'd consider it a courtesy to my patron

Glad you enjoyed it, it was kinda fun to write :3

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