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This story also contains light dominance and considerable use of 'toys'.

You had me at dominance.

7525036 Oh, I did. I was a little hesitant of including 'toy' play in my current work, but after reading this... I don't have any more doubts.


If it was of any help to you then, I'm glad :twilightsmile:

7525045 Actually, your story has been of wonderful help to me. I was in a little bit of a rut in starting Chapter 2, but after reading this, I've got some inspiration.

Wonderfully written, your story is. I quite enjoyed the little bit of dominance Celestia shows. Fits her personality, I think.


Well, thank you!

I'm glad you took something good away from it :pinkiehappy:

Must read, but it's so late. Goddamnit

This is what you do to me. Reading porn at 23:30, while I've been up for 22 hours.

I love it! The writing was excellent again, and the sex interesting. I wouldn't have minded some more dirty talked aimed at accomadating the 'creatures' defiling them, and their desires of breeding her. That would've been a lot of fun. I can't wait for if you ever use spanking :p

This was delightfully evocative! Not to mention steamy! I've always liked shipping of the Immortal Sisters; it just kinda works, in a Greek god sort of way, that they'd be somewhat beyond mortal propriety. :twilightsheepish:

Also, I imagine half of Canterlot heard them. :rainbowlaugh:


If it makes you feel any better, I burnt some of the midnight oil writing said porn that you were reading at 23:30 :twilightsheepish: Suggestions noted. Glad you liked!


Only half? Shoot, I was going for the whole city! :rainbowlaugh:

Nice story and very well written. Thank you.

Tiny mistake:

Luna finally she glanced up


Woop! Thanks for catching that. At least it's a lot smaller mistake than the editing I was doing for one of my YA novels some time back. One of my prereaders asked me if I'd truly intended to include a 'Chapter Twenty-Sex'. Uhhh...not unless I plan to have somebody's mother get pissed at me! :rainbowlaugh:

A fine entry into the annals of princest. Welcome to the fold, my friend.


We are pleased to make thy acquaintance in this magical land! :raritystarry:

Goddamn you are amazing.

"Celestia's Sunflower"... Snrk. I like that, actually.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That was to be honest a nice read. I don't normally like this ship, but any ship is wonderful if it's done right.

Thumbs up here.

I have to say I enjoyed that. It was a cute bit of sisterly affection, a bit of love not in the traditional sense but equally romantic. Luna being domineering out of the blue kinda came out of left field, left equally fast, and gave me a bit of whiplash as a result, but that's the only bit of criticism I got.

I'd like to think that too. Even ships I don't really care for, when they're done a certain way, I'll go for anyway. I'm glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

I see what you're saying. The idea was that she was finally starting to let her mane down, getting frisky and in the mood, and all that. Which is what Celestia was hoping to bring about in her :twilightblush:

You are the bard, by the way.

Wow, thank you! I have a few more stories I want to release first, but I've been thinking about doing commissions if it's all the same to anypony :pinkiegasp:


Oh geez... That's tempting.

You might actually be able to pull off an idea I've had...

~Skeeter The Lurker


Yanno...I realize I don't have like hundreds of followers and whatnot, and thus I suppose I'm rather unknown, but...if people are interested in approaching me for commissions, I'll put up something about it. Sure would be fun, I think :twilightsheepish:

Bards collect all kinds of stories, and there's none better to woo tavern wenches than gossip and tales of romance.:moustache:


I shall see about lowering the DC of your knowledge checks by providing ample material, then :moustache:

Be careful, for I may counter with my own smutty ballads to buff stats next round.


Roll for initiative, equine~!

It is caffeine alone that sets my mind in motion. It is through the beans of java that thoughts acquire speed, that hands acquire shakes, that shakes become a warning. It is caffeine alone that lets me roll the dice.


You know, I've always wanted to get a Ponyfinder game up and running. Down the line when I get some un-shitty internet speeds, you interested?


I'm kind of an oldschool tabletopper. I like my dice and paper and pencils. Never tried doing it online before, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't ever...just it's uncharted territory for me. I do have Ponyfinder though. As well as the D&D 5th conversion for it.

Hey, Wish! Another good read! You really blow my mind with your talent you know. Wish I was this good at writing. I wanna let you know you can feel absolutely free to use ANY of my Discordia characters in your story. If any of them interest you at all for your writing, just let me know and I'll help out with their characterization and such.

Button Round, Torch Sharpbreeze, Iron Shod, Prince Flameheart, Adeagus, Iced Coffee, Clock Smith, Southern Star, Sleepy Hallow, and Prince Molestia.

ps: :P I have a LOT of alts. Also, lemme know if you ever feel like playing some D&D 3.5. My gaming group needs more players.


Aww gee, thanks :twilightblush:

I might be in need of some additional mudcoats when I finally get around to telling Wish's story, so maybe I'll hit you up for Iced Coffee.

As far as D&D, well, I love me some tabletop, but admittedly I'm kind of an old-schooler for it. I'm used to hanging out around a table with paper and pencils. Never tried in online before...I don't even own a microphone or a webcam :rainbowderp: But, not saying I never would!

7551741 Well, we game on Fridays, usually over Skype. I mailed you my skype info. A mic would be nice to use, but not necessary and you're free to have hard copies of your character sheet. I have one for mine. Trust me, I usually prefer face to face tabletopping to, but considering that already a couple of our players live in different states to me and our DM, that's not really an option. Still, feel free to hit me up on skype any time and I'll try to send you all the books I have if you need them.

Oh no worries, I get it. Cyber-tabletopping (wow that sounds perverted) is a more common thing these days because people aren't in the same geographical area. I'm just sort of an old-timer in the sense that when I sit down to a game, I still have red box D&D in the back of my mind. I tend to prefer to have physical copies of books to work with too, but again, I can see the convenience.

It's all a question of if I can rub together enough consecutive minutes to put into a regular time each week to play something so time-consuming. As you've seen from Discordia, being around isn't so difficult for me as actually having enough time to do things, heh. But, we'll see!

It was a lovely story, or should I say two tales. Your writing is sublime, but the bedroom action really seemed to come out of nowhere to me. Obviously it is my fault a bit for not checking the story tags, but the tone I got from the first third was a lead up to a reinforcement to Luna of her importance. The wonderful groundwork laid through the analogy with the doors really raised my expectations of the story progressing in that vein. Followed by the touching (That's emotionally touching), scene with Celly, then WHAM, tongues wrestling with tonsils.

Please do not misunderstand, the princest action was indeed got and well written, it just seemed to have no . . . foreplay as it were. Now, upon further reflection, I can see that this could well have been your intent. Indeed, breaking the wall of preconceptions is a powerful writing tool, and I could very well be completely out of line. After all, author knows best, and I say that sincerely.

All in all, I have learned two valuable lessons, the tags are there for a reason, and read the description in addition to the title.

Thank you for sharing your literature with us.

Thanks for the detailed feedback :twilightsmile:

I see what you're saying, no worries. What I was going for here was more along the lines of Celestia realizing how much trouble her sister is having coping with being out of the world for a thousand years, and wanting to share some familiar intimacy with her. And I wanted to try my hoof at princest, since I had yet to do so at the time.

This has been in my reading list for quite a while, and after reading it, I'm kicking myself for not reading it sooner. It was a wonderful story, and while I wish there was more, I really enjoyed it.

Well, I'm glad to hear you liked it! It's nice to revisit stuff like this. I was wondering what sort of response I would get from my first princest story, heh.

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