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Consensual remake? good, good

Quite nice, though, I prefer the non-con version better. It feels raunchier.

I'm somewhat amused that actual consent is included in the trigger warnings now.

Also bonus points for actually cleaning up when going from anal to vaginal, both times even. It's not something I often see on this site, and that shit (pun definitily intended) can be quite dangerous irl if skipped/not done right.

... That cover image is going to haunt my nightmares.

What's worse, I can see a version of this happening in Y-rated canon, when Cadence decides that Moose-Bug and Auntie would make such a cute couple, and sneaks a little 'extra' paperwork into the peace treaty stack to be signed by both of them.

"Thorax?" Celestia gave the love-bug sitting beside her at the table a gentle bump. "Do you have any idea why my niece just broke out in unconditional giggling and fled the room?"

"I'm not sure." Thorax gave out a little hiccup and shook his head. "She put out a burst of luuuuve just as we were signing. I feel like that one time I went out drinking cactus juice with Pharynx."

"oh, no," said Celestia in a very small voice before bending down and leafing through the papers on the table. "Quick, help me look through this treaty we just signed. I know her. She's sneakier than Luna."

hey do you have the link to the artist arctic-fox?

search artist:arctic-fox on derpibooru and you will find him/her
and if you want the uncropped cover: 1558527

thanks' friend.

The nostrils are wrong for the snout shape on the luna in the story pic.

It would have been a nice silent ride too if not for her sister and her brother-in-law Pharynx Luna humping into each other, with her sister sitting on top of him.

Ohhhh my god my otp nowww

She had to admit that having a larger male to look up to was alluring in a strange way. Maybe it were her instincts kicking in, liking the thought of a strong protector. A strong virile male. It is a thought that made her heart flutter.

Honey, it’s thorax. He’s a little, loveable shrimp.

“I-I am cumming, Thorax! P-Please cum inside me! Mark me! Fill me with your changeling brood!” she begged, as the larger male groaned.
“I will! I am about to blow and breed your womb with my changeling seed!” the monarch exclaimed as he felt her juices gushing over his crotch. He grunted, slamming her entire body up and down with ease. A strength that did impress and make the white alicorn soak herself even more in arousal.

Okay, they’re not robots.

I couldn't Read this.

It just rubed me the wrong way.

Almost Threw up :pinkiesick:

True he’s a smol boy


If you ever write such a short, let me know. I know I would love to read it! :rainbowlaugh: :trollestia:


I imagine they could fit well together. Maybe have a rough start, but then once they hit it off, get into lots of trouble together which makes their siblings exasperated. :rainbowlaugh:


He certainly is lovable, albeit in this fic taller than Celestia. Then again, now that I think about it, I am not sure who is taller in canon off the top of my head. :rainbowhuh:


Then again, now that I think about it, I am not sure who is taller in canon off the top of my head.

Maybe this will help:

albeit the artifact did go farther than that and would make him able to even perceive children

Perceive huh? So until he went full broodbug they weren't purview to his reality?

Not noticing the mewling little demon goblins.... there but for the providence of God go I soon to be he she father mother

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