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Not bad.
I hope Luna show some love for her "Dear sister"!

Man. That was a great chapter to lead into it. I'm not even into Hypnotism stuff but damn. The lengths she went to and patience she had was impressive af.

This is a nice premise, a good start fir this story... I have only but high praises for you.

Look good, waiting for next chapter

Love me a bit of hypnosis between these two. Can’t wait for next chapter

This is a hot premise and the slow build up is just bellissimo.

Very good first chapter. I'm looking forward to what Luna does next.

some asshat gave every comment a thumbs down lmao

It do be like that sometimes.

Oh I'm keeping an eye on this.

now lets see if all things fall into place.

Ooohhhh boy. Things are getting good, can’t wait for what comes next

I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

I am so stoked for the continuation of this :y

Can't wait for the next part!

I was worried their would be too little emphasis on the mind control or that it would rush to sex scenes, but so far I'm impressed. I wish there was more details on the dream brainwashing but this is covering months, to be fair.


I was worried their would be too little emphasis on the mind control or that it would rush to sex scenes, but so far I'm impressed.

Part of my motive for writing this is my sadness that so many hypno stories go "Zap! You're hypnotized, let's have sex!" with me being much more a fan of the 'slow working down' stage of things. I'm happy I impressed.:twilightsmile:

The methodical approach is definitely a delight to read, more so by your solid grasp of pacing. The combination of narrative and sexy bits is perfect. I'm hoping you'll indulge some tests/training before going full on 'yes mistress'. Maybe a little risque fun/embarrassment in public, just to show how much Celestia trusts her.

Definitely enjoying this exploration of a more involved hypnotism process.

More, please.

Fantastic story and chapter. The dream scenes are really hot. :pinkiehappy:

Inb4 Celestia was always into it.

Can’t wait to see how it all ends. Awesome chapter my dude

Not a single bit of hypnosis worked, she just realized what Luna was trying to do and went with it. I like this thought. :trollestia:

This was good shit. Well done.

Ah, a lovely end for the lovely couple, glad it worked out for them. Honestly I don't particularly care for hypnosis in media (and I hate it in real life) but to me this was more of a story than a hyno-clop as you called it, and I enjoyed this story very much. :trollestia: + Luna emote

A really beautiful bit of work, very enjoyable. Excellent job, especially if this is your first venture into this subgenre.

This was really excellent! As for the author note at the end, I'd believe that the deepest part of Celestia'sind really needed a vacation and this was the only way to make it happen. :trollestia:

I like that Luna wasn't just trying to ruin Celestia as revenge or something. Most stories in this genre are all about ripping away someone's free will permanently and I hate it. I'm glad you took the route you did. Well done.

This was great, hope we get to see the wedding in the future sequel but if not then this was still great.

So glad I waited for this to wrap up before getting stuck in. Fantastic story, hottest thing I've read in a long while.

I'd love to see more mind control stories like this if you ever fancy writing another. Celestia is super fun to wear down and bring to heel, but why stop at just her :p

It'd be interesting if this were to get a sequel where Luna got controlled

This is pretty good but a bit more naughty detail and it could even better. If you ever want to try again I find the more naughty details the better personally.

As hypno-smut this is already excellent, but the actual writing is a step above. You've really got your prose and turns of phrase down pat!

I bet this was what Celestia wanted but could never bring herself to actually act upon them untill well, all this happpened out of nowhere and there is still that small part of her left that isn’t under Lunas thrall and is haveing a huge “Wtf just happened” moment

This feels like a commissioned story.

Wow Luna you must've played Bioshock to know this and the phrase you use is "Dear Sister" reminds me of "Would you kindly" my my Luna you must be desperate to bed your sister that you had to copy a video game. And here i thought you would think of something original you're a thousand+ years old Princess surely you had time to think and plan things better than copying a video game you played Princess.

As to the author of this story great build up i look forward to the eventual payoff. Also to be clear i'm teasing the Princess Luna of your story not criticising you the author

“I gave you those,” Luna said, chuckling with dark liberation. “I made you into this. My enslaved, submissive fucktoy, did you think these new feelings came naturally? Prudish Princess Celestia would barely consent to a chaste kiss, and now look at you. Desperate, horny, a bitch in heat.”

Well this is just the hottest series of words ever.

As a gigantic hypno-fetishist (to the point where I was absentmindedly repeating my own mantras along with Celestia at one point), you did a fantastic job with this. The hypnosis is sexy without being too unrealistic, the magic is incorporated well, Celestia is adorable, and Luna’s thought processes are just deliciously relatable. I barely ever go for smut fics, but this one is more than worthy <3

Thank you, I'm glad it turned out well.:twilightsmile:

What a great story. So sensual, intoxicating and erotic. It was a pleasure to read it, especially the third chapter, where Celestia finally allowed her secret instincts to come out and give herself to her sister, not even realizing that it was Luna who compelled her to do so. Thank you for a great fanfic, author. :twilightsmile:

How would this Luna react if celly was crushing on some pony.

Excellent story! Love the pacing and the style!

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