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6 Months after the series finale was a hell of a time to start writing fanfics

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Two words Granny - sound-proofing foam.

Sugar Belle shot the idea down, "My special talent for magic is with deserts, not with my pussy." She added a joke to soften the blow, "Though, from the way you like to eat both of them, I can understand why you'd be confused."

*desserts, not deserts.

Love me some Zecora! Enjoyed this, keep it up! :twilightsmile:

That was good! Most arousing thing I've read in last couple of months.

Nice to see another zecora fic that is NOT yet another rape/futa or zebra!kingdom fic.

I love it when clopfics are able to remain true to the spirit of the show, and the way you write Mac and Sugar Belle fits that bill to a T. They're so warm and loving - and so generous to their good friend Zecora! :raritystarry:

Also, I really appreciated that you kept Zecora's rhyming throughout the entire fic. In my experience, most Zecora-centric clopfics half-ass it by having her stop rhyming when the fun starts... not that there's anything wrong with everypony's favorite ethnic equine having her throat occupied by other things. :rainbowwild: So anyway, you deserve both upvotes and hugs for committing 110%!

Well, her stopping rhyming is somewhat justified by clouded mind. In episode A Health of Information in the show by her stumbling with rhyming autors showed gravity of her situation.

Chilly couldn't handle the Mac:rainbowlaugh:

A poor Apple Bloom scarred for life

The Apple family still growing strong 🤣 and my granny be so mad it just means that the family just got bigger

Big Mac just starts channeling Elon Musk and knocks up mares all over Equestria to spread his genes

Some of Zecora’s rhymes were really really bad, but otherwise this is an incredible fic! Loved the way Sugar Belle assertively helped her husband fuck another mare!

Though… I guess it would have been nice to have some different positions, and maybe some mare on mare action as well.

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