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Because "fantasy erotica" sounds better than "cartoon horse porn."

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Isseus #1 · May 10th · · ·

Why am I even reading this crap?




Heeheehee. That comment matches your profile picture quite perfectly.

Tipper #3 · May 10th · · ·


Take your thumbs up you monster

Sugar Belle and Big Mac: Fluttershy, Nurse Redheart suggested we try again.
Fluttershy: ?????
Angel: FUck

I'm not surprised this was done. Only that it hadn't been done sooner.

wow, I was reading this and had a lot of fun... but as soon as discord popped in, my mood was down.

We know from the episode itself that Angel is a Fluttercord shipper. Or just thinks it's inevitable, the distinction doesn't matter.

For what it's worth, I have him in the story tags.

Had the idea during the episode's original broadcast, forgot, remembered, wrote.

Hillbe #10 · May 10th · · 2 ·

:flutterrage: Angel you little prick!
:moustache: There goes guys night, Discord so sore he can't do anything.
:duck: So that's why I had tea with a screaming sex crazed bunny and not Fluttershy...
:moustache: I've never seen revenge sex before but my eyes are too young for this
:facehoof: Fluttershy always said she wanted cute little baby bunnies and I said "It doesn't work that way"
:moustache: You forget it's Discord were dealing with :raritywink: Indeed Precious Scales

:derpytongue2: Bunny screams are outright bone chilling and loud!

I know! And I thought from what if have read before it wouldn't bother me! but still, as soon as he shows up... I don't understand it myself :D I mean, the story itself is well written and funny :D

Is it still bestiality if you fuck rabbit in a body of a pony? 🤔


From Sugar Belle's perspective, it's best-iality cuz she gets to keep the upsized mac.

No, but I'm pretty sure it'd be rape by proxy if Angel wasn't a bunny. Kinda hard to charge a bunny with rape by proxy for getting the body of his owner fucked without her knowledge or consent.

As for Angel himself, it'd be borderline xenophilia assuming Big Mac knows the one currently driving Fluttershy's body isn't a pony. It's not bestiality because the other species in question is capable of having a conversation with the other part(ies), even if only due to freaky Friday.

That's pun-ny. 😉



Those are good points on the matter of bestiality. And yeah, it would be rather difficult to prosecute Angel in rabbit form for rape by proxy, as it would require proving Angel is the same Intelligent Being no matter the form and thus can be held accountable for his actions. Not to mention it would of course require proving before the court that the freaky Friday thing happened. 😄

Given that it's Equestria, there's probably an entire legal code about Freaky Friday events.

Probably. :)

11238055 Lucky there's a reigning princess that can speak to animals and understand them, then.

From the book The Journal of the Two Sisters. She made friends with a manticor named Melvin by talking to him, and it further revealed she could talk to a lot of animals.

It would probably have made more sense to use the version with Rarity. Because of course there's a version with Rarity.

Deathsia #23 · May 11th · · 3 ·

So...the lack of a buildup kinda annoyed me...the sex was even rushed...and I'm just kinda sitting here wondering:

I mean no offense dude but this is a rushed mess. I don't know what I expected with only 2k words but I figured it was just the buildup chapter and instead i got...this. I mean, most people are gonna take a look at this and go:

My advice is this: Rewrite this fic with at least 2k words worth of story buildup to establish a motive, characters, and scene for the sex to take place. Then try to get about 3-4k words worth of a sex scene going and end it with a 1-11/2k word end to wrap things up. So in total you want at least 6k words here 8-9k being even better.

11238340 Methinks you may be missing the point of this tag: excessive.space/images/Porn.jpg

To an extent, you're correct, and this was rushed.

On the other hand, my goal was to deliver 2500 words of silly horniness, and as far as that goes, I succeeded.

methinks you haven't read my clopfics yet you get an actual story+clop! (not trying to self-plug on your fic atomic, just pointing out about how i write my stories :twilightblush:)

11239252 You have no stories tagged porn. Not a one.


true, but as a creative mind, can you truly be satisfied with that? idk about you but i always strive to make my next fic bigger and better than the last! It's a goal i think you should strive for too!:rainbowdetermined2:

cuz i feel that tag doesn't do my clopfiction justice. Read: Pen Pals or Sweetie belle's small problem then you'll see


but as a creative mind, can you truly be satisfied with that?


Exactly. This is a story that does have and deserve the "Porn" tag, and if you have a problem with that then you aren't the target audience and the author is fully justified in disregarding your opinion.


Who said I had a problem with the tag? Also, making ALOT of assumptions here. If your expectation of a "porn" tagged fic is a barebones 2k words then that's a very low expectation to have. I'm not attempting to insult the author of this fanfic mind you but even my oneshot "clopfics" have way more than 2k words in them.

I gave advice to the author not to demean him but to encourage them to do better. If you interpet my advice as an "insult" then I suggest you take time to research the term "Flaming" because I'm attempting to help the author improve their craft and not attempting to flame them.


Well you shouldn't be. :) As a fellow author I always strive to improve my craft and I am hoping i can encourage you to do so as well. ^^

Okay, let's try this again:

The reason you don't use the "Porn" tag is exactly the same reason he does. The story is "barebones" because any more words than it has would only get in the way of his intended readers' fapping. The fact that the tag exists in turn proves that the intended readers exist.

You are the professional critic whose only gripe with Godzilla was that it was a kaiju flick, and completely failed to acknowledge that that's all anyone who goes to a Godzilla movie was expecting. I'm not particularly interested in this sort of thing either, but I understand that that means I'm not the target audience and my preferences don't matter.

Honest answer? I'm juggling multiple long-form stories and needed to fart out something quick as a creative palate cleanser so I could refocus on those.


I suppose you have a valid point there, though I will say I wouldn't have bothered to say anything if I completely disliked the fanfic. Granted, I didn't read it with the intention to fap(fanfiction rarely does it for me) but rather to see how the story would play out. For example: I did chuckle abit when Angel realized he was about to thrust his dick inside fluttershy's(his) cunt. If the author wanted to, he could of played the scene up for a more comical effect while maintaining the porn, I personally believe that would have made this fic more enjoyable.

That's fair. Though as i said to herald, I do believe you missed a few chances to play up the comedy. Especially the ending, you could of totally wrote a short scene where Angel and Fluttershy swap back and Fluttershy immediately notices her cunt's been freshly fucked and at the exact moment she realizes this Big Mac and Sugar Bell walk in remarking about doing it again and then flash to a scene of angel being hanged from the ceiling by his ears or something of the like. :P

I mean, just a few ideas not saying you need to go back and add them or anything but just a few ideas I had off the top of my head.^^ That said, I'll see about checking out some of your longer fics. :)

Hmm. Based on what's onscreen, they transformed into the other and then when it was done they reverted, so Fluttershy wouldn't need an ice pack afterwards. At least, not until after the events of the next day.

I chose to ignore that for pornographic purposes.

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