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Because "fantasy erotica" sounds better than "cartoon horse porn."

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Y'know, I'm normally not one for such super quick stories like this. I've always felt there just wasn't enough time to make it work and feel right.

This proved that it can be done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

You probably immediately won the shortest word count award which is 3 or 2 dollars on Paypal for Dirty Little Secret Contest.



I anticipate multiple 1000-word entries. He'll probably have to break the tie with upvotes or Wilson score.

The characters constantly reminding each other "oh, we're doing a quickie", "oh it's been so long" feels like the author reminding the reader of the story gimmick moreso than natural dialogue.

That line about the sickness runnung through the family is so true, though ><

I think it's Cum not Come.

Besides that this was very charming.

Can't have Neapolitan with vanilla.


I prefer "come," but most people agree with you.

Thanks for the comment! Hope you enjoyed.

I see luv, if you prefer come use it!

I just didn't know if you like got the dreaded auto spell or something, lol.

Stay lovely and good luck on your contest.


Thanks! I'm writing a long form (aged-up) Scootaloo x Terramar romantic clop for the contest, too.

AHEM! "I'm going to come so big..."

"More like four. She had the flu; you had the flu; I had the flu." Shining Armor felt his balls hanging low and heavy, like two melons in his ballsack. "I'm going to come so big... "

Or two bowling balls!

"I love you, but if you touch my teats nopony'll ever find your body, okay?"

SA: Fine, but you'll have to let me lick your chocolate donut

"Okay!" Cadance gasped. "Okay, I'm warmed up. Let's finish quick. Remember last time Flurry woke up and we were too busy fucking?"

Now she started wrestling with her Whammy, just like her mommy and daddy!

Down the hallway, Flurry cried.

Flurry Heart's little sibling senses are tingling!

Impressive. Wasn't expecting to see a 1k word clopfic be this hot, but you somehow managed.

Looking forward to more stories about how... interesting sex can get after having a kid.

LOL, thanks!

I wanted to see if I could make 1000 words work. Thanks for the feedback!

Erotic efficiency is best efficiency change my mind

I think it's stupid you have a high like to dislike ratio (34:1) and it has yet to appear in the top features stories.

That's so unfair. They should put it up

I appreciate your comment!

However, the feature box is algorithmic, not selected by a human. Also, short fics (1000 words) are penalized. The best length for the feature box algorithm is 8,000 words.

...and thus did Shining Armor and Princess Cadence learn of something called "First Heat" where a mare becomes highly fertile about a month after giving birth, before returning to her regular cycles....


Ha! Awesome!

Thanks for telling me!

I misread this as "A Napalm Quickie". That would have been a very different story.

But potentially better....

This definitely has the tone of somebody with a certain... familiarity with the nature of trying to get some action with a kid in the house.

Though you'd think they'd just hire a sitter with better shielding spells. XD

"I love you, but if you touch my teats nopony'll ever find your body, okay?"

Damn, that's harsh. Is that like an "I'm oversensitive/sore from nursing" thing? Or just random flavor that she's ultra super not into that?

Cute story otherwise!

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