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befallen tragedy


Possible story idea? · 2:31am Nov 24th, 2012

I was walking around my house one late night at about 3 AM when I just started talking out ideas, passages, things of that nature. This was probably the best one...

You are not alone in this world little pony. You have never been....and you never will be. Thousands of years ago, beings existed that were akin to Minotaurs: they stood on two legs, they were fleshy, pink, and they had little fur to cover their bodies. They were called humans.

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612694 Hey, aren't they on Netflix?
Oh, I hope they are!

Sometimes...writing those Charlie Brown stories involve me watching the specials and writing scene by scene. That one was a pain. It was worth it in the end...mayve I'll do the Christmas special or thanksgiving one this year Around.612683

612674 But it's always worth it, isn't it?

I've thought about it before. But ithey are a chore to write. Trust me.611000

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