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I'm an irritating fangirl who also writes. A lot of my stuff is sad. I am sometimes overly sex-positive, so if you are sex-negative, I might have called you an elitist taint jockey. Sorry about that.

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Never heard about this ship before. Nice


Geoice #3 · Apr 8th, 2015 · · 3 ·

5837778 how? I wrote an awesome Spikedash fic humanized.

5837877 this is the first time I've read your work

5837908 I know right

Spikedash for the win.

This was ok, but it just didn't do anything for me.

I can't really clarify why though. It just felt kind of empty I guess; I was entirely sold on the romance itself and the overall, it felt like we were dropped in with no lead up. I think it could have done with maybe a bit more padding here and there to flesh out the story.

I will say this though, I found the idea of RariRich intriguing; not exactly sure how it would work or how it would be written, but points for something different! :pinkiehappy:

“What’d she taste like?”

Damn it, Cola! Is it ironic that I started choking on cola when I read that one?

I usually hate SpikeDash, but this one was a great read, Cola!

This was pretty good. The kiss was kinda sudden though. Even with Spike's vague words. Still, pretty OK. And it had a distinct tone, which is always a good thing.

Kinda wish there was a good full length fic of this pairing. Never found one that stayed good throughout, the few I found drowned in sudden angst and insecurity.

Well done.

:twilightoops: Spike tasted what?
:raritystarry: marsh mellows:trollestia:
:pinkiehappy: pie !
:ajsmug: apples.
:fluttercry: lemons?
:derpytongue2: muffins !
:rainbowlaugh: theR AINBOW
:trollestia: Oh Skittles
COOL:moustache: story:facehoof:


Awwww, thanks. :twilightsmile: I enjoyed writing it, which surprised me. I also learned something writing it, and I can't really ask for more than that!


Funny you should say that (and I'm sorry this didn't strike your fancy), but FYI, Einhander did the RariRich idea, and it came out pretty damn awesome. It's half romance, half character study, and spoke to me about the little things people do for you when you need them the most.

never read a Spike-Dash ship story before, it's odd yet interesting...

yes, I shall ship this

5839740 Well now! This I will have to check out! Thanks for the reccomendation!

Also, thanks for being understanding; was worried I might have come across as little over critical. But I am checking out rest of your library; looking to forward to see what esle you've done. :twilightsmile:


Nah, I'm always painfully aware of the flaws of my work. :twilightsmile: (Although if you do read Royals and like the concept of that universe, you might try Rum Punch, set in the same setting.)

She also knew she’d let Spike take lead on the flight back, because now she could stare at his ass all she wanted.

You know... That's not the kind of sentence I imagined would be in a story with such an adorable cover like this one... :rainbowderp:
Meh, I still love to read some SpikeDash anyway, no matter how relevant Spike's ass is to the story ! :rainbowkiss:


It's still Rainbow Dash's POV. :raritywink: She's anything but ladylike.

Glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

Overall good, but one nit:

“She doesn’t get it. It doesn’t matter, okay?”

“Of course it matters, doofus. And if she didn’t get it, you should tell her that. She’s practically your mom.”

“Did you tell your mom everything that bugged you?”

Sections like this, with more than two lines of dialogue without signaling who's speaking, can lose some readers - even if there are only two who could be speaking and you're going back and forth. (At one point, earlier on, it looked like you had Spike saying something and then Spike saying something else on the next line, interrupting the back-and-forth-by-paragraph-break convention.)

(Also, technically it's spelled "Fliers".)

5839673 With all that tasting, there might as well be a proper study of it. Licorice? :twilightsmile:

Cola is back with some Spike and Dash shipping, love it!

I neeeeeeed more SpikeDashu!

You know, I have no idea what a prostitute feels like. Like, when you sell your self-worth off for some cash, maybe to make ends meet, how does that actually feel day to day? How does it feel looking in the mirror, when you've reduced yourself to an object to be used?

So, how does it feel? You've written this... thing. It came from your hand, and from whatever creative part of yourself that art is supposed to come from. You've vomited out this disgusting bile, at the bidding of another, just for some money. What is it like to be a whore?

5841136 Everypony has a price:facehoof:. Some do it for a smile:pinkiehappy: taint no big deal:raritystarry::moustache:


Funny story: I still decide whether or not I'm going to take the job (I decided to, in this case), and calling me a prostitute as an insult doesn't really work since I've had plenty of friends who were sex workers and considered going into it myself.

Now, if your concept of art doesn't have anything to do with money, then you're only rejecting the entire concept of patronage altogether -- and with it vast swathes of art.

If your issue is quality, then please -- I know my works are flawed. I also know the only way to get better is to write more, and whatever tool or motive I can apply to make myself write more is, to me, an end that justifies the means.

Anything else you'd like to say? :twilightsmile:

Neither of those two. Keep trying.


That was three points, but it's okay. I didn't really expect a response. :raritywink:

5841835 I love how well you handled that. There are a lot of authors that would fly off their handles at something like that. It's good to see level-headedness.:raritystarry:

Meh. To each their own I suppose.
I liked the story anyway author! :twilightsmile:

5841136 You sir, are a fuckin tool.

5841136 Wow dude, your a real ass you know that? This story is excellent. nobody wants to hear your bitching about a story you don't like. Like what timkiller888 said you are a fucking tool. You don't like the story?Just dislike and move on.

m16 #34 · Apr 9th, 2015 · · 2 ·

5841136 tool. You sir are a non American. Go back to Russia! I've been on here for years, and I can tell you that no one likes you or people like you who hate stories because they have a zombie brain. Go take your shit, eat your oatmeal, and go to bed because that is where you belong son.

You are a nazi Stalinist boko haram Isis fan aren't you?

5841136 Oh, because you're some kinda saint, right? You'd never take money for anything you wrote. In fact, let's make all books free! And why stop there? Why not art in general? Let's make everything free forever! Glory to the motherland!

Get out of here, you communist reject. If you were a true artist, you wouldn't need to try to put yourself on a pedestal because someone else got paid to do what you wish you could do. Go take a good, long, hard look at your own work before you decide to shit on someone else's. Now if you'll excuse me, I believe I have wasted enough of my time writing this comment.

5841784 AHEM. Now that I got THAT out of my system. I'd like to say that this was a delightful read. I look forward to future works.


I'm glad you liked it! :twilightsmile: Thanks!

Gently, he set her on the ground. “Here. Are you sure?”

“How are you still okay? I mean, like, you skinned part of the tree.”

Kinda missing a sentence in there.

Great story! This is my first spikedash story and I'm glad it was. The story flowed together well and was well paced. Overall, a really nice read. :twilightsmile:

There we go, that's better :ajsmug:

Rather neat story overall, the mutual awkward infatuation worked, and props for such an unconventional ship! Yet another like upon the pile.

Spike... and RD? Well this story got my full attention for being unique. I shall read, and enjoy this story!

Huh. Seems I missed all the drama. God dammit. :ajsleepy:


I could make up some fresh drama if you want? :raritywink:


I'm great at creating drama!

*ahem* TwiDash sucks, Rarijack could never happen because she's filled with dragon cock, obviously, and oh yeah, this is obviously child rape because I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about and want to feel cool.

Is that enough drama for now? Or should I change my name MythrilRageReviewMoth for added effect?


Oh, you guys! :twistnerd:

I'm gonna give this an upvote. Need I say more?

I needed a nice short story like this to read, honestly i've been getting a little behind on my read later list. I've still got like 20 more until i get to the bottom of the list, but life keeps rearing it's ugly side and problems just seem to keep flanking me. Sorry if i sound a little cheeky, but i feel like i'm going to crack sometimes.

Dash in that pic is too cute!

Interesting ship, but not shocking. Everypony knows that Rainbow Dash has the largest port.
I don't know what kind of innuendo that is, but whatever you're thinking... yes! I mean that.

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