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Backstreet's Back... Alright!


It's time for Starlight Glimmer's first Grand Galloping Gala! Unfortunately, she doesn't have a date while all her new friends do.

Well, all her friends, but one...

Collab with: Lucky Seven

Art by: the discorded

Chapters (3)
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>TFW not invited to the collab party

7308127 Bruh, you hate Spike. You would've somehow transformed it into an anon story by 2k words with your superior writing class.

One again, surprised at the magic that is pony hooves and how they can hold sharp implements without killing someone.

Rarity’s hooves flew about her mane, dancing and weaving their way to the desired goal.

All in all, enjoyed the story.

Well, that was a cute little short.

Kinda felt like it ended rather abruptly though.

7308152 We're debating on writing a sequel right now. Depends on if people like this or not. I mean, if it goes well, great! If not, we'll look at what went wrong and try something new. :twilightsmile:

This was so sweet:heart: But, I was kinda hoping to see them actually at the gala, not just waiting for the carrige. Still, like you said, a sequel would be nice.




Aww, never thought of them as a possible romantic pairing, only family. Sorta how like I do most often with Twilight and Spike.

7308217 In our town, In our town... *hums and smiles*

i think you guys gave applejack a more "formal" country twang than you might have intended too. just seems odd that she'd talk the way like any ordinary character from the show would talk. i saw what you guys tried and it was good, but not enough twang.

7308271 I try not to go overboard on her accent. But I'll take that into consideration, my friend!

Screw you, you can't just finish it off just like that. That was adorable! Dang it, I'm falling for this ship.


You got my vote. I must know what happens next. How will Twilight and friends react when they find out Starlight and Spike are going out? What will Celestia say? Will they kiss? I got to know.

7308277 it's not that you'd go overboard on her accent. it's just the way that the show portrays her, since it is a part of her character. it's like writing rarity without her being a fashionista.

Man, shipping Starlight and Spike is becoming the new thing, huh?


This is my new favorite ship!:moustache:

But now I'm hungry for more, Starlight and Spike!:moustache:

And is it just me or does anyone else find it weird that, Twilight and Starlight, both have light in their names and that all of, Twilight's, pony enemies/forgotten friends and/or rivals are unicorns that have star based names! Seriously! What is up with that?!:pinkiegasp:

Ok, that's done. Good story. But, again, I want MORE!:flutterrage: Later.:moustache:

You know? You're starting to make me hate Spike. He's stealing all the waifu! So Op, Much hate!

Just kidding. You know I love you right?

This is pretty cute, but feels like it needs about four more chapters. It makes a good hook for a longer story, but doesn't really stand on its own.

You sir/ma'am, have done a beautiful thing. This has got to be one of the first Starlight x Spike fictions that I read and like that has spectacular grammar in it (no offense to the other fics I read). I would go as far as to name this the flagship fic of the ship. (Say that ten times fast.)

7308614 I do my best to write well :P

But in all seriousness, the reason the story flows so well, and has the great grammar that it does, is because Famous and I share very similar writing styles. I try to be a tad fancier with my stories, which tends to show in these collabs we do. Not to mention, I'd like to think that I'm fairly decent at writing Starlight Glimmer, and he's good at writing Spike.

7308640 I just vomit on the page and hope for the best.

7308644 Of course you do, baby doll.

Sparlight rules! Right next to Sparity, but for now, Sparlight!

Very cute! This appeals to muh OTP.
As a few other comments have said, it pretty much ends at the climax. I'd definitely like to see a sequel.

And now, because no one else wants to be "that guy", some nitpicks:

“I love Gala’s as much ...
... a very out of character whinny of delight. (should use dashes)
... Fluttershy, AppleJack, Rainbow and ...

The word "gala" is inconsistently capitalized. It can go either way as a proper noun (short for Grand Galloping Gala) or a common noun to refer to the place/thing.

“You used the term ‘think’, insinuating that males think before action in general.

To me this is OOC for Spike, he's not exactly the self-deprecating type.

Cadance giggled, adjusting his bowtie.

Makes it sound like Cadance became a guy and adjusted his own bowtie (lol), instead of adjusting Spike's.

Twilight and Pinkie are dating.

This is really dropped out of nowhere, and it's never explained or even talked about again.
Is there any purpose to it other than inserting a random irrelevant ship?

7308873 We wrote the TwiPie thing for no reason other than getting a weird reaction from readers.

not something a good writer would do smh

This... feels cut off, tbh. I feel like tracking this story in case you add more as well as following you in case of a sequel. Either or, this story needs to continue.

The episode Power Ponies had a lot of Spike being Self-depricating.

This is nice how it is, leaves me with a pleasant feeling. The cutoff while abrupt works with where it happened. Can definitely see where it can go though.

If this Starlight x Spike keeps floating around I'm gonna actually start believing it.

This was wonderful! I really hope you decide to continue it.

Well, he is a good writer, so it must be

TFW I shipped these two before it was cool. :moustache:

To be honest the story isn't bad, its just too short. When I read the synopsis I expected to also read about their time at the Gala and see their relationship build into a better friendship or something more...cdn.everyjoe.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/oh-well.jpg

I'm always down for some Sparlight, especially when it's this well written.

7308873 I've always felt Spike is 1/3 snarky, 1/3 self-deprecating, and 1/3 optimist, myself.

I knew it was only a matter of time. I'm surprised you still haven't written an Ember x Spike ship.

I think he's not self-deprecating. He's the opposite! He puffs himself up humorously, instead of putting himself down humorously.

Depending on the writer with how genuine he'd be when he talks himself up.

Okay, I know this song has nothing to do with what's going on, but . . .

the Gala committee

Since there was nothing like this before, I guess the nobility got fed up with Celestia's guests wrecking it every year...

“Honestly, I just planned on hanging with Discord and seeing what kind of random pranks he tries to pull this time around.”

...Though I guess even they're not stupid enough to say no to Discord.

“It was so nice of Princess Celestia to convince the Gala Committee to give you a ticket,” Twilight commented.
Starlight smiled, if only to satisfy her friends. Truthfully, she was upset that Celestia hadn’t extended the same gratuity to her only friend outside of the group.

...Or maybe everyone but Starlight just hates Trixie.

7309369 I guess I was including his penchant for occasional exultant behavior in the snarky and optimistic parts of his personality, but you're right - he likes to feel self-important, too!

When I think of him being self-deprecating, I think of episodes with scenes of him showing his more vulnerable side, usually manifesting as a pity party for himself. Examples include Owls Well That Ends Well, Dragon Quest, Spike at Your Service, Equestria Games, and Princess Spike. The only Spike episode where he's been 100% confident in himself is Gauntlet of Fire (which I thought was kind of OOC for him, but it's still a great episode).

I guess if I were to refine my percentages (switches into Twilight mode, ahem :twilightsheepish: ) it's 22% snarky, 20% self-pitying, 25% egotistical, 30% optimist, and 3% I-will-literally-burn-your-face-off-of-you-angry. (OK the last one is somewhat wishful thinking, but he's pretty amusing when he gets angry at Angel. :rainbowlaugh: )

7309343 I'm surprised, too. But the issue with that is that so many other users did it at the time of the episodes release, even I got kind of meh about it.

7308909 That's probably true, but I honestly don't always strive for perfection when writing horsewords. I try to write something entertaining and have fun while doing it. If I generally succeed in both of those aspects, I've done my job.

So cute and we'll thought out! I shipped these two at the start of the season six premiere, I you remember what happened, I thought I was so weird for thinking that. Then, there where stories and pictures like this, I love it! This is one of my favourite sparlight stories, and the picture too! :twilightsmile: stories like this always brighten up my day.

7309458 wha... damn I can't help but absolutely love this randomness XD

It had a couple neat little moments, like Starlight with Rarity, Spike reassuring Starlight, and that funny bit where Starlight yells at the driver at the end, but otherwise this just feels incomplete. It felt simultaneously like it was getting ready to go somewhere, while at the same time did nothing.

For kind of an oddball ship like SpikexStarlight... I really think you need more content than this.

From a technical standpoint? Very well executed. Good spelling and grammar, good formatting, very readable dialogue.

I just wish there was about 2 or 3 times as much fic in order for this to really come together as a story.

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