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Back in Action · 1:03am Dec 1st, 2017

I just realized more people found this story this past summer. I'm sorry I haven't been pushing updates faster. Chapter 2 has been ready for my first editing pass for ages, and I've been putting it off because I'm still unhappy with the first draft.

That changes tonight. I have 2 hours, starting now. I'm going to sit down and fix it. Once my editor gets a look at it, I'll publish this thing without further hesitation.

Thank you for your patience.

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Vacation and Update Delay · 11:24pm May 6th, 2017

Hey, anyone still reading my story. I'm making this post to apologize for the delay in updates. I recently went on vacation before finishing chapter two. I came back to someone else at work going on a week's vacation, so I've been really busy the past two weeks.

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