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Stratus Swirl is a young diplomat from a long line of sophisticated aristocrats...or is he? Despite his grandparents questioning his heritage, he is determined to maintain the Swirl legacy in his diplomatic ventures to other nations.

His first mission is to Equestria, to establish a new treaty in place of an age-old truce. Naturally, this will bring him into close contact with the Mane Six, along with many new characters. When he begins to develop unforeseen relationships, he may have to choose between what he wants for himself, or what he wants for his family and his country.

Proofread/edited by DerpyLove (and some myself based on her suggestions).

Cover art by AuroraFang. He did a fantastic job on it. Show him some love.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 4 )

Isn't Starswirl one word?

8052874 I think I've seen it both ways, but you did bring it to my attention that I did it one way in the prologue and a different way in the first chapter. I revised the prologue to correct this. Thanks for reading. :twilightsmile:

Is this story based off of Sereg's story series?

No it's not. I hadn't heard of that until now.

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