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This story is a sequel to Cuddle, Please?

Second series of short stories with a Human in Equestria, named Anon, making some time to cuddle with the Princesses who rule Equestria.

[Author's note: This is my second 'E' rated story, inspired by the 'Dear Spike!' story from the author named Closer-To-The-Sun. Hope you guys like it! Also: This is my loving tribute for my 100+ followers. :twilightsmile:]

Art from Vinaramic-d8jo9sn

Thanks for the Feature!! :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 41 )

These stories have definitely caught my attention. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

7173036 Thank you! Here! *hands out two cookies and a beer bottle* Have some cookies and beer! :pinkiehappy:

Cadance being my favorite princess of the three four, this first chapter really pulled me in. An enjoyable, stress-free read with some fun fluff. Nicely written too, for the most part—though there's one problem that's consistent throughout the whole first chapter and in the chapter's title:

The correct spelling is Cadance, not Cadence. Which is quite ironic, actually; considering the correct spelling of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza's name gets that pesky little red line under it. Ah, well.

How about princess twilight sparkle can she have a somepony of her own and btw great start im enjoy reading this :twilightsmile:

7173322 She is in 'Can I Cuddle With You, Please?', the prequel

Yey a normal Luna anon story I loved it :heart:

I like it but... that was a little cheesy at each of the endings.

Congrats on being featured!

found this and I refuse to leave it unmentioned in a set of stories of this caliber.

And after panting out from the lack of oxygen [ passing ] ?????

Another heartwarming read.... way to go!

Da'www, all of these were sooo cute. My personal favorite was the Luna one.

7173593 Wait.... when was this story featured?

7174359 I must apologize, but.... where exactly am I featured? :twilightsheepish:


... the 4th one up from the bottom... Oh, I'm sorry. Maybe its different if you have mature settings on?

Not that much cuddling in this chapter.

"Don't bring my paperwork? X-O-X-O? What's going on here?"

He's about as oblivious as that boyfriend guy from the movie, "The Room."

7202175 I never watched that movie, but thanks for letting me know what that reference was. :pinkiesmile:

you should do twilight

nice one, i like how anon get jitterish around celly

7173322 she has already cuddled in the prequel cuddles please

So awesome! Celestia is my favorite princess hooves down! A guy can only dream...

7481747 Celestia is my fave as well.... thus...

This, This is a thing that I read.

When she was reading his poem, I guarantee his thoughts were something like this:

Would it be faster to fall on my sword or jump out the window?

A nice and relaxing read, well done:pinkiehappy: You did a fantastic job in constructing this story :twilightsmile:

Excellent, excellent stories. I'm a sucker for romance stories; even cheesey ones. Though I feel these were better than the prequel. The small bit of world building helped the suspension of disbelief allowing the reader to ignore the cheesey lines you knew were coming and simply enjoy the d'awww and cuteness that befell the reader's eyes. Well done Grasshopper, well done.

This chapter is almost a mirror of some of my dreams (luna is my crush)

The sword would be more rational as she could surely catch him on his fall... for whichever reasons she had :pinkiecrazy:

7802164 I imagined him pleading for mercy! I dunno why, it would be funny

I guess Anon knows how to sing the proper Cadences. Eh? Eh? ...What's with the angry mob? ...Oh, crap...

“Hmm.... now, let's see what thou has dreamed of us, shall we?”

Couldn't she enter his actual dreams, though? I mean, I kinda doubt that law enforcement training has people learning how to have lucid dreams yet.

I loved this so much , Luna is #1 :heart:

“No!!” you quickly yell out as you try to grab the paper from her magic. But it was as successful as a cookie trying to defend itself from a hammer. “No, please! I beg of your Highness! Please! Don't read it!” you nearly cry out as you fall to your knees, nearly defeated by the mare of your dreams, both literally and figuratively. “No....” you quietly sigh from how your image as a rough and tumble man had instantly faded away.

I pity the fool! (Mr.T impression)

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