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I never thought that ponies would be so good. My brother showed it to me and soon enough, I became a brony. Now I've join this site in making stories for the first time. Join the Herd!!!!


Important Anouncement · 9:54pm Oct 25th, 2012

You might have noticed that I have not yet posted and new chapter, that is because I am putting more time in planning out the chapter than just winging it. I had some guys review it and they said that I need to put more time in thinking about how I'm going to write this, so I am. Next chapter will hopefully be posted on the weekend and each other weekend

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Hey! It's your FimFiction anniversary!
You made an account on here exactly one year ago!

a lot of people tell me that:twilightblush:

For the longest time I red your name as "TheLolinger"

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