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Hello everypony. I'm an 18 year old guy who likes writing random stories. You like random? Well come on in.


A year after Jerome Valeska is killed by Theo Galavan, his cult attempts to revive him. As they do, a certain Starlight Glimmer accidently sends out a summoning spell that happens to hit Jerome's dead body. Apparently, it also had a life giving spell in it as well, because he returns to life shortly afterwards. Almost immediately, everypony realizes how dangerous he is when two ponies are found dead. When they find out he wants to get back to Earth to kill Bruce Wayne, they know it's up to them to stop him before it's too late.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 22 )

Most of this chapter is pointless and could have been cut out to make room for more of the actual story.

Finally, MLP and Gotham crossover! 😁

I guess I should have titled Death differently. It's supposed to be a kind of prologue. Sorry it started kinda slow, but hopefully Chapter 2 changes that. Please no mean comments, and do enjoy the first ever Gotham and MLP crossover.

I like it so far. Honestly. 🙂 And don't judge me, but I have the mindset that Jerome is the Joker. Even though there's speculation that there's another guy that looks like Jerome, that'll go down the Joker path, but I still believe he should be the Joker, so please understand. 😅

Anyway, this story is alright, and I wish Jerome and Twilight could be in a death battle XD

I totally agree. Part of me wonders if Jerome is the quote unquote "father" Heath Ledger's Joker mentions, and that Jerome will somehow create the Joker, but it would be even better if Jerome is the Joker.

As a matter of fact, it's been revealed that Cameron Monaghan will be playing a relative of Jerome, maybe Jerome's twin. One who is also psychotic, and who is almost exactly like Jerome. I think we've found the Joker. It's Jerome's twin brother.

I know, that's what I said. A guy that looks like Jerome might go down the Joker path. But I still Jerome could've been the New 52 Joker. I mean, he gets his face sewed back on, just like the New 52, it would've been perfect. But nope XD 😁

Poor Flutters. Jerome sounds like he's gonna play a 'game' with her. Saw reference anyone?

I love Jerome please contnuie and fun fact my characters dark side in the night doctor lost control and the prequel, to it is like the joker

Well everyone, I might continue with this soon. Chapter 3 will be coming out in the next few weeks.

Also, Jeremiah Valeska is awesome. I might do a story with him after this one...

Well, this is a story I wasn't expecting to continue. But, next chapter should be out Saturday.

I want another chapter please do more

I am doing a Jerome story too

Dude I wish your chapters were longer

But there so good, I was waiting for the the "what do you have to lose, except your sanity"

This chapter was funner than the last one

Yeah, I need to stop waiting until the last day to write these. They'd be better.

When's the the next chapter

Not sure what to do with this story. It hasn't done very well, and I'm having enough difficulties getting a chapter a month for Mario. Also, I plan on starting a Deadpool story next year. If by next summer I can't get anything good for this story, it may be killed off.

:( don't kill it off dude, my advice, I don't write that much in my stories that often, but I write on Fanfiction often so basically went I have a idea I write it down, in sections like this |Mario| Jerome| Deadpool| other ideas| then went it all comes together you have a idea for a full chapter and quick take as much time you need for the next chapter (if you don't kill it off) we will wait till it arrives and if you don't here's an idea aftert the events of this story, Jeremiah gets sent to equestria and everybody thinks he's Jerome (because they are twins)

If you do kill it off, thank you quick for putting the time into this and don't forget there are no rules.

D.P 🃏

That's actually a great idea. I'll see what happens. Maybe another chapter will be incoming.

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