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Hello, I'm cccvvvttt. Why? Because... I couldn't think of anything better. Also all my works consist of HIE stories. Maybe that will change if I ever write something else, but mostly that


This story is a sequel to Free at last.

After Twilight made Zachary her official son, they have a great time with each other, as they bond as mother and son. While they have good encounter's with most ponies, they can't say that about everypony.....

Teen because I'm not sure yet

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What are you not sure of yet?

You mean if a rate the story teen or not?

Yay! Sequel!

Also, good to my name on this!

Your name isn't just going to be in it, but your character is going to have a bigger role in this story, in one of the chapters. :pinkiehappy:

This was an AMAZING chapter!!! i'm glad john will finally Be punished even though he deserves a worse punishment. My Fave parts of this chapter were when john learned of his punishment, this part: "Oh, would you shut up?!" Cloudy Arrow said, as he punched John in the gut, & Pinkie's & fluttershy's testimony
Overall this Chapter was the best so far. looking forward to chapter 2!!! :pinkiehappy: *Hugs Cloudy Arrow (FAL)* *Hugs triforceandroid (real world and FAL)* *Hugs mane 6**hugs Zachary**hugs spike**hugs the Judge**Hugs Princess celestia**hugs the maids who were adoring Zachary**glares at Blueblood**punches john in the gut(again)**hugs cccvvvttt*

Your character is goin g to have a bigger role in the story

spelling errors: when twilight asks Zach if he wants to ride on her back after he says hes tired the e at the end of ride is attached to on and during rarity's testimony when she says zach is a little angel the e and l are in the other's spot


random burst of pain, did they removed the bullet form the gunshot wound or what.

Excellent start! This is going to be an exciting sequel! I can tell!

What about the filly John killd?
Is that going to come to light?

Whoops, forgot about that. Yeah, I'll have to bring that up sometime in the next chapter

When will Zachary meet his grandparents and Uncle Shining?






What was your fave part of the 1st chapter? mine was this part: "Oh, would you shut up?!" Cloudy Arrow said, as he punched John in the gut

the part where the mane six told Zachary they’ll always be there for him

Every part when twilight hug kissd and nuzzeld!

Okay, but why am I getting this strong feeling that Blueblood is up to something after what he just said?

I feel like he’s gonna try to get Zachary to be with him so he can get ponies to respect him or something idk

Well blueblood is the bad guy of this story

I thought John was, cos I had this feeling he’s gonna escape the friendship blast somehow

But thanks for telling who’s the actual villain this time in this story

also this is something cccvvvttt said: "I'm going to make Blueblood a different type of bad guy. He isn't going to mistreat Zachary, in fact, he is going to be kind to him, but he has a reason for that. He has a plan, one which will not be reveled. In time, you'll find out"

I see, looks like we’ll just have for the chapter when Blueblood does his plan for being nice to Zachary for what reason he has in mind

Don’t think it’s chapter two though

We'll just have to wait and see

Yep, maybe Zachary might even meet Discord in this story

thats something ive been hoping

We’ll just have to wait and see what cccvvvttt has planned for this story when the future chapters come out

Creepy ending. Sounds like an over obsessed fanboy.

I dunno, maybe it is, but you wont know, until later

Still can’t figure Blueblood is being nice or what he’s planning to do to Zachary, even though I have a theory now

And now I don’t know who’s in the black coat, it could be anyone who wants to get Zachary for whatever reason they have

Yes, I'm very confusing person

But I’m glad John’s gone, so we won’t havw to worry about him hurting Zachary again

....for now

NO MORE JOHN! NO MORE JOHN! BEST CHAPTER EVER!!!! *Lets out loudest squee EVER**throws hugest party ever*
Also the ending is really interesting, Can't wait for next chapter!!!!

All right! So Cloudy Arrow and I are gonna be detectives in this story! SWEET! I LIKE THIS IDEA!

This is gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:


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