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I am a Star Wars fan and I like Human in Equestria stories



A little boy named Eric is a wizard from Seattle, Washington, living with his caretaker, Ted, at his residence until it was attacked by Delphini and her gang, then set on fire. After making his escape from the burning building, Eric ends up in Equestria, he gains a mom in Twilight Sparkle and learns about friendship from her 6 friends, including Spike, and also the CMCs. As he adjusts to his new life, Eric and his new friends must find the legendary Locket of Prophecies in order to defeat a dark force known as the Ice Ponies, who are bent on bringing eternal winter to Equestria.

This story takes place during Season 5 and the Crystalling Parts 1 & 2

- All credit for MLP: FiM goes to Hasbro & Lauren Faust, and all credit for the Harry Potter series goes to J.K. Rowling.
-Rated Teen for a house fire and implied personal loss in the beginning.
All original characters in this story belong to me

ATTENTION: This is a rewrite of a failed Hunger Games crossover

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I’m surprised that pinkie was unusually calm, she’s usually very excited when she meets a new creature.

I didn’t want to be too predictable

Good. Storyhope to read more

Patience, I am working on it

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In case you are wondering, the quesadillas were for Eric.

This has potential. 1st stories are hard —— ¡I never managed to write a story worth posting!

Since Flash Sentry, is in this story, that means that the mirrors to other universes exist. If Eric ever wants to be with other humans, he could travel through a mirror. The trouble is that the universes we have seen have brightly colored humans. Basically any human from our universe would look like a walking corpse because we are too desaturated.

Sweetie Belle is into strange sapient monkeys from another universe. Whatever makes her happy is okay.

Eric will go through the mirror just to recover a magical object, just wait and see.

Eric loves his life in Equestria.

I figured Sweetie Belle would be best since not many young boys adopted by the Main 6 or the princesses in other stories have a crush on her.

Joshua from ‘A New Life in Equestria’ has a crush on Dinky. Toby from the New Home series is in love with Silver Spoon. Colin from the Boys Tears series is in love with Scootaloo. Apple Bloom has a crush on Nathan from ‘Equestria meets Texas’ and it’s sequels. It’s unknown which filly Timmy from ‘Dream Come True’ has a crush on, but I think he could have one for Diamond Tiara as the story progresses, all that needs to happen is for her to change her ways in that story.

I just realized that a few chapters back, the story mentioned Eric putting on pajamas. You will have to explain how he got the changes of clothing. Stories you might want to read for explanation are:

In the Man with 2 Names, the HIE (Human in Equestria). repairs his clothing and hires Rarity to help repair his clothing and create new clothing. In the Sam and Rosa saga, in the early storiesw, Samantha keep wearing clothing at 1st, but eventually goes native and only wears clothing during winter.

Since your stories have Flash Sentry, you have the o[tion of importing cloths from the EGUniverse (EquestriaGirlsUniverse)

Sorry for rushing things.

Those pajamas were a welcome to Equestria gift that Rarity made for him.

I just did a bit of editing on Chapters 4, 6, 7, 12, and 13.

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This is who Glacio sounds like: Khan

If Storm Blade were to have a voice actor, it would be Elijah Wood.

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About the gamer colt, for the purpose of this story, he's just called Buttons

If I were to pick voice actors for Lancer and Kimono, my imagined choices would be Harrison Ford and Ming-Na Wen.

I imagine Twilight still voiced by Tara Strong in this story how about you

I also imagine Eric voiced by Ashlan ‘Ash’ Hollens, the son of singer Peter Hollens

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You're not think which character that should be voiced by Patton Oswalt or Owen Wilson

The fan-pony Quibble Pants is voiced by Patton Oswalt.
I imagined Jasper and Smokey to be voiced by Josh Hutcherson and Hayden Christiensen.

Comment posted by Fawwaz123 deleted May 3rd

Hayden Christensen i know him as Anakin Skywalker

Don't we all?
Josh Hutcherson is best known as Peeta Mellark from the Hunger Games series and Sean Anderson in Journey to the Center of the Earth and it's sequel, the Mysterious Island.

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