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~When you find yourself alone in the world, how can you ever find that one ray of light that will shine the way to happiness?~


When a young Cadance's parents pass away, she is left alone and scared in the world with her new found alicorn hood. Confused in her sorrow and anger, Cadance doesn't know what to do.

Until a ray of light shines through the storm clouds...


Based on the comic by- Valkyrie-Girl

Special Birthday present for- SunnySkiesAndBananas

Edited by- The Princess Rarity

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 17 )

I have been a fan of Val's work since I first stumbled upon her stuff and I remember when Not Alone was posted. You did good with keep with her work, and merging the comic with Crystal Heart Spell. I do hope that you will tell Val about this, she needs to know about such an excellent take on her work.

Very well written and heart-wrenching, normally I am not much for the Crystal heart, but it was well worked in here and I liked the explanation behind Cadence's fear of rejection due to being different and the final scene was beautiful.
Also is there a link to the picture you used, because it is adorable! XD
The word kind/kindness was a tad overused near the end, though that's a minor point.

Excellent work :)

3164187 Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! I have sent a message to her telling her about this fan fic along with a link to this page.

3164493 Thanks, I'm happy to know people didn't mind me adding that in there. :raritywink: But I'm sorry, I don't have a link, I just randomly found it after hours of browsing on tumblr. :twilightsheepish: Sorry.

3164680 Thank you very much! :pinkiehappy:


Oh, yeah! I forgot. You get a Spikestache for your awesomeness! :moustache:

Have two more! :moustache::moustache:

3165422 Awh thank you very much! Have a Fluttershy! :yay:


And have a series of muffins!

But Derpy ate all of them, so have some of her instead.


OMG! Thank you so much!!! I can't believe you did this for me! :pinkiehappy: You have no idea how much this means to me you making this for my birthday, wow just wow. It was so good though! I loved it! It made me tear up all over again! :fluttercry: Love you!

3165509 No problem! Because I couldn't give you your present in real life, I gave you one on the internet! :twilightblush:


A well-written story. Based on a well-written comic.

It looks like you tried to look at things from Cadence's point of view, but redundancy wrecked the "feels" to the story. (Giving the reader information that they could already could picture) Some parts could've also been tidied up a bit.

Still, thank you for posting this.

This was great. I always wondered what happened and how Cadence and Celestia came to be . Damn it my eyes are leaking WD-40.

3293189 That episode of doctor who made me cry

Author Interviewer

I'm sad you didn't do anything more than rewrite the comic as a story. :/

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