This Group is created for the purpose of collection information on all things My Little Pony. This information can be canon, such as knowledge presented during the series, or fanon, (names of cities, nations, etc.)

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400438 Great. I have my story up, but i can't get it into a folder here because there are none! Can someone help me so i can get this group it's first story?

Hey, believe it or not, i'm trying to write a Discord Origin Story including almost all of the original villains from G1 MLP! Anyone want to help? I'll post it in here! I promise!

How about the state of Mane? :facehoof:
(Ow, ow, stop hitting me!)

Hmm, then this site is for me i guess :)

So when we post fanon/headcannon ideas, are they limited to locations in the universe or can they be things about culture, social customs, history, etc.?

Your villain thread brought me here, and while I'm not interested in most of them at the moment, I'm going to join this group in case there are more interesting head canons.

I certainly love the theory of this group! Defiantly would get good use out of the City names. Hopefully this group will keep growing with fun information (be in Cannon or Fanon.)

I'm falling in love with this group. It's just-

:rainbowkiss: So, true Rainbow Dash. No other words could explain it.

Ah why the hell not, I'll join

326239 Here it is. Hopefully our two groups can gain a mutual benefit from one another.

Could you post a link?:unsuresweetie: I tried to search it, but it doesn't show up.:fluttercry:

Pretty much; I thought that since there are so many semi-canon theories and fanon ponyverses, it might be beneficial to everyone to put all,that information into one easy-to-access location (or at least as much as possible).

It looks like a place for that as well on information on the MLP canon universe and the many Fanon universes it has spawned.

Edit: How the heck didn't I notice that spelling error...

Is this like, a compilation of many fan theories?

This one is intrigued by this proposition. Also, might I advise going to the "World Building Alliance" for possible additional members? You'll have to ask one of the administrators first though. But I think that the two groups will have a lot to offer each other.

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